10 ft x 8 ft garage doors are for sale in stock on eBay.

The 10 x 8 Model 1000 Pre-Assembled Industrial Door (PAID) features the traditional dependability and sturdiness of a commercial door, while significantly saving time and money during installation.

When I measure, should I use my rough opening or finished opening?Measure your rough opening, the door will be made bigger to overlap your frame, and guiderails will mount on the face of the frame.The sideroom and headroom requirements are necessary.The Model 1000 will require 18 1/2 inches of headroom above the opening and 4 Inches of sideroom to either side for installation.

No lock or latch will be included with the door if a motor is selected.The inside of the motor is looking out.

If the door color needs to be on the same side as the drum, you can choose this option.This option is only available with the slide bolt on the drum side.The reverse curtain doors can't be insulated.

The lead time is not known.Depending on location, the lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Where are you located?Shipping and pickup can be found in Temple, GA, Orlando, FL, Houston, TX, Butler, IN, Surprise, AZ, and Anaheim, CA.

The price is based on the least expensive option of the details provided so far.The door pricing is determined by size, quantity, options, and installation type.

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