10 years on, Knocked Up Cirque du Soleil is still going strong

It was an instant classic that commented on sexual freedom and the realities of pregnancies in an honest and hilarious way.

Alison is a rising journalist who lands a coveted on-air job with E!The news was knocked up by Ben.

Sex, porn, and drugs are captured in scenes that make us laugh.Like the one where Ben and Paul Rudd's character Pete decide to buy tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas after eating magic mushrooms.

They are going to compare themselves to the agility performers: "If I shaved my stomach, my chest, I would look exactly like that."

As the show becomes more theatrical, and the latex-wearing acrobats' gravity-defying tricks become more advanced,Seth's character begins to trip out.

He covered his cheeks with his hands as he said "I'm freaked out right now man, the mushrooms are turning on me."

"Baba" -- a giant-sized nappy-wearing baby acrobat -- is after him, as soon as the inevitable hallucinations begin.

In October, you'll be transported to the magical world of James Cameron's "Avatar" with the Cirque du Soleil show "TORUK - The First Flight".Click here for tickets to other shows.

We don't condone taking illegal substances at Cirque du Soleil shows.They are fascinating while sober.

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