10mm to inches is a conversion of measurement units. How big is 10.

Standard is the name of the Society of automotive Engineers.SI is a metric size from the French International System.

The imperial size fasteners are measured in inches or fractions of an inch.

I have coloured some of the more popular sizes in the info-graph below.

The sizes are known as M? and are measured in millimetres.

The head size is not described as a thread diameter.In the case of an M8 bolt, the diameter is 8mm, but the bolt head needs a 13mm wrench or sockets to drive it.

When Paris was the first district of France to adapt the metric system, I knew the French were to blame.

Adaption was not easy, many objected.Over the next two hundred years, metrication spread across Europe.

The cars that landed in the USA were built using metric nuts and bolts.

The process of building American automobiles using metric sizes began in 1971.The North American automotive metric standards (NAAMS) were set up by it.

The NAAMS set to standardise the industry, making life easier for part suppliers and creating synergies with European auto companies.

The process of metrication began in Britain in the mid to late sixties and by 1975 cars were being built with both metric and imperial sizes.Britain does not fully embrace metrication, their system is a mix of both.The Si measurement is used by the manufacturing industry.

The mechanic in the 70s needed two sets of tools.Unless of course they are working on classic or vintage cars, a mechanic only needs metric.

I have had most of my sockets for years.You might not need to buy another set if you buy a good set.I have listed my favourite tools as well as an outline of why I like them.

A set of ring wrench is required by every do-it-yourselfer.There are different options for the TEKTON Combination Wrench set.

I would just get the 9, 11,13 and 15 piece, they are all good value, solid kit.Not having the right size wrench is the worst thing that can happen to my day.

The reason I like these is that they grip the walls of the fastening and not the edges, that makes a difference when opening nuts and bolts.

The packaging is useful, you can put them straight into your tool box and they remain organised and easy to find and replace.

I like that the wrench size is clearly stamped into the body, my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, and some of my wrenches are a little harder to spot.

God has a gift for mechanics.I am always suspicious when a job is going well because I know that every job has one awkward rivet.

I bought myself a set of tools a long time ago and still use them.If you know what I mean, you can use them when you need them.

It covers the most popular metric sizes.There are eight, 9 and 10mm, 11 and 12 and 13 and 14 and 15 and 16 and 17 and 18 and 19 and 20 and 21 and 22mm.

The features that I liked the most are the 72 teeth, just 5, and your pulling, most of which need more room to engage.

The box head is strong enough to fit into tight spaces, just what you need.

The kit is built to last.I have a drill that is still going strong and I know it is good.

Every household should have a decent tool kit, it will pay for it many times over.The call out rate was almost the same as the price of the set, because my wife called the plumbing company after the kitchen sink tap came loose.I was asked several times to take care of it.

The solid case of the Dewalt tool kit is very useful for keeping everything together.

The full range of sizes is from the smallest drive to the heavier duty 1/2 inch.Premium quality chrome 72 teeth with 5 arcs are included in the ratchets.

The 192 piece set has a huge range of sockets that cover both metric and regular profile.

There is a wide range of extensions.You can mix and match all three sets.

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