10x15 Storage Unit Size Guide, Storage Rentals of America, and Public Storage Canada are examples of how big a storage unit can be.

Public Storage has thousands of locations and is the leading provider of 10x15 storage units.When you need more space temporarily or for a long time, these large self storage units are great.

150 square feet of storage space is provided by our 10x15 storage units, which are 15 feet long and 10 feet wide.Due to the unique dimensions of each self storage building, the ceiling height of a 10x15 storage unit can vary by location.Up to 1,200 square feet of storage space can be found in many units with 8-foot ceilings.

Depending on your local storage facility, 10x15 self storage units differ in appearance.They are comparable to a spare bedroom or two-thirds of a standard one-car garage.

What your 10x15 self storage unit looks like also depends on your amenities.We offer both indoor and climate controlled storage units.

There are a range of sizes of moving trucks available for rent.If you are moving two to three bedrooms, a 20-foot moving truck will give you plenty of space.If you have more than four rooms, you might consider a larger truck.

The moving truck size is affected by the items you are storing.If you are renting a 10x15 self storage unit to store business inventory, a smaller moving truck might be required than if you were renting the same unit.

You can come and go as you please with gate access and accommodating hours at our Public Storage facilities.You can take multiple trips with a smaller truck.

Local Public Storage unit offerings are based on the needs of the community in which the facility is located.We have local storage buildings in many communities.You will always be close to a 10x15 climate controlled storage unit.These units help take the edge off the weather, providing a little added comfort and peace of mind for the things you would never want to live without.

Our 10x15 self storage units are the perfect solution for storing larger items such as living room furniture or large appliances.Big-screen TVs, couches, tables, and several medium or large-size boxes are some of the items that can be stored in our 10x15 units.

Similar to our self storage units, cars and vehicles come in a wide variety of sizes.We always recommend measuring the dimensions of your car before deciding on a unit size.Smaller vehicles can fit in our storage units.Larger cars can fit more comfortably in our 10x20 storage units or our dedicated selection of vehicle self storage options.