11 effective home remedies to get rid of sand fleas

A flea problem is a nightmare for a homeowner.The only way to make your house free of fleas again is to call in professional pest control services.These services charge a lot of money.They use harsh chemicals and gases to clean your house, making it uninhabitable for a long time.If the root cause of the problem is not weeded out, your house will become a breeding ground for fleas.Natural remedies that wipe out the problem gradually is a much better option.

The term "sand fleas" is often used as an umbrella term to describe any and all insects that leave marks on the skin.Sand mites are found mostly in coastal regions and occasionally in desert regions.They are smaller than crabs and lobsters.There are painful and itchy bumps when these fleas come in contact with your skin.If the welts are not treated in time, they will become red in color and leave scars on your skin.

Understanding what makes sand fleas harmful is the first thing we need to do.They leave bumps and scars on your skin.Traveling to sandy or marshy places with cuts or open wounds is always discouraged because female mites lay their eggs under your skin.Fleas can be carried back to your home when they find a cozy home in your towels or clothes.It is advisable to use beach chairs instead of laying yourself on the sand and wearing closed-toe shoes.

It is safer to get rid of fleas naturally than to use chemicals like DEET and permethrin.DEET can cause skin and eye irritations.Damage to the nervous system can be caused by exposure.The chemical P-mentane-3,8-diol (2) is found in most commercial sand fleas deterrents.Research shows that it may cause damage to one's internal organs.Pets and children can't be near these chemicals.Natural preparations with safer ingredients are a better alternative.

If you want to get rid of sand fleas in your home fast, here are 11 of the best remedies.You can make these remedies at home.

One of the best ways to eliminate fleas from your home is by using a mixture of essential oils.Half of the spray bottle should be filled with witch hazel.Add lavender, tea tree, citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, liquid cedar, cinnamon, clove and calendula oil.The remnant of the bottle can be filled with coconut oil.Shake the bottle if you want to use the contents.Before you go to the beach, you can spray the mixture on your skin.

Disinfectants and baby oils are some of the most effective ways to control fleas.They are easy to find over the counter.chloroxylenol is an ingredient in the disinfectant you will be purchasing.Chloroxylenol has anti-bacterial properties.Take a spray bottle and fill it with baby oil and rubbing alcohol.It's a good idea to spray it around the house.Pets and infants should not be near the disinfected spots, as the solution can prove fatal to one's health.

Salt has been used by some ancient cultures to guard against the spread of infections and skin irritations.It is a major component of most modern medicines.When the particles of salt get dissolved in the water, stir a little.Baking soda can also be used if salt isn't available.You can use this mixture as a source of relief from flea bites by dapping it on the welts, as well as spraying it strategically in and around the house.It helps deal with hair problems.

Lactic acid is found in milk and can repel pests.It is difficult for the fleas to move around.If you can find powdered milk or baby formula, you will be able to make this recipe.To make a paste, add a quarter cup of water to the powder.Adding salt to the mixture will make it more effective.Put a cotton ball in the mixture.You should put the soaked cotton on your clothes, the corners of your closet, your towels or any other place you think could be a breeding ground for sand fleas.

If you want to make your own cactus juice, you can easily do so, even if it's in pre-packaged bottles.You can purchase a stick of cactus at a farmer's market.Make sure the stick is cut fresh so that the juice doesn't dry out when it comes in contact with air.You can apply it to your clothes.Adding a dash of aloe helps it become a gel that you can apply on your skin.

Sand mites are affected by the combined effect of lemon and vinegar.You can prepare this treatment at home with 500 liters of freshly squeezed lemon juice.Add half a cup of water to the lemon juice mixture.Ensure thorough mixing by stirring the contents well.It's a good idea to shake the bottle before using it.Before applying this mixture to fabrics in the home, they need to be washed.The mixture is too acidic for plants to tolerate, so don't use it in your garden.

It sounds like a very complicated remedy, but diatomaceous earth is basically soil that contains fossils.It can be ordered online.Make sure that the company selling you the packet of earth is a reputed one.Sand fleas are killed by draining water from their bodies.There are a few remedies that can be used in the yard.All you have to do is sprinkle the dirt.The food grade version of the product would be safer if you have pets and infants at home.

Rosemary is the best choice for people living on sandy or marshy land who have recently rid their homes of fleas.It works best during the early stages of the disease.The four walls of your house are where sand fleas can travel.Take some herbs and grind them into a powder.If you want, you can add peppermint to the mixture.It is completely safe to use it in homes with children or pets.

Burning oil lamps are more of a preventive measure than a combative one.The heat from the lamps makes it very uncomfortable for sand fleas to live.citronella candles are a better alternative to lamps.Make sure that the lamps or candles don't burn for a long time.The heat can raise the temperature of your home, making it humid and damaging furniture and wall paint.The remedy should only be used in areas that are heavily affected.

Lemon, orange, lime are acidic in nature.They make for an excellent method to get rid of a sand flea in your home.It is also used to treat wasp sting.Bring the lemon to the boil by placing it in a cup of water.The juice should sit overnight.It's a good idea to put it into a spray bottle and use it on any surface that you think might be prone to flea attacks.It can be applied to your body as well.Absorbing the surface will suffice.

Horse apple has been used for a long time to treat pests in homes.Divide the horse apples into halves.You could place half an apple in each room of the house if you wanted to.The apples will usually last around a week before they rot, so it's a good time to replace them with fresh apples.Within a month or two, visible results can be seen.Purchase apples that are fresh and whole.Apples that have been cut tend to lose their strength.

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