13 flowers that bloom at night are listed in the HunkerGarden Guides and the Home Guides.

Some flowers don't bloom during the day and only blossom after sunset with a strong scent.

According to scientists, this phenomenon is caused by plants spreading their seeds by attracting pollinators that are out and about in the night.Let's look at some flowers.

This flower is native to North America but is fairly common in Europe and other parts of the world as an ornamental plant, which is three to five feet tall.The bright yellow flower blooms at night in July and August and closes in the morning.It has a strong scent that attracts insects to pollinate it.Most parts of the plant can be eaten.

In North America, the flower blooms from summer through fall at night and closes when the sun rises.A climbing vine that can reach a height of 15 feet and make for an aesthetic addition to an indoor garden is best suited to a loamy soil.

This plant is found in the deserts of Mexico and Arizona and only blooms for a single night each year.The large white flowers have a sweet and strong scent and can bloom up to 6.7 inches (12 to 17 centimeters) in size.

The fruit plant has large white petals and dark green leaves.The fruit develops when the flower dies.The plant is native to Central America and Mexico, but is now found in countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

The garden plant is named after it's bloom time in the evening.The flowers stay open through the night and close in the morning.They need full sun exposure to grow and make excellent hedges.

The flowers grow in hillsides, ridges, dry and sandy meadow and bloom in June and July.Nocturnal insects and moths are attracted to its strong scent as it blooms for three nights in a row.

One of the strongest scented plants in the world is this sub-tropical plant.The plant is native to West Indies and South Asia.It blooms in the night and closes during the day.

The tropical water lilies are large, with a diameter between two to 12 feet, and can be found in a variety of colors.In the evening and in the morning, the flowers bloom.These lilies can bloom several times on fresh water.

White, pink, orange and yellow are some of the colors of this flower, which can grow up to four feet in height thanks to the prominent anthers and stigmas.

The creamy yellow flowers can reach a height of about four feet.They bloom in the spring and summer.It is good to know that some parts of this plant can cause mild skin irritations and allergies.

The pink to purple colored flowers are known to release a spicy scent as they bloom.One to two feet (30-60 centimeters) can be attained by them.

This plant is native to Mexico and grows in spikes that can reach a height of up to 45 centimeters.The extract is used as a note in perfumery.Rajnigandha is a flower that is popular in India and is used to make garlands.

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