13 Foods That Cause Bloating (and What to Eat Instead)Why do I have a bad Stomachache after eating Salad?

Gas or "bloating" is usually caused by the bowel disorder.An oversensitive gut causes a condition that affects many people.It can cause issues with the bowel system, but it can also cause other issues such as blobby stools, nausea and vomiting.Some people's stomachs won't widen along these lines.They will report an awkward swollen feeling.

Gas can be caused by lettuce.The majority of people with stomach related issues have a problem with dressing in mixed greens.They went to the gas.If you regularly eat salads or place lettuce in your sandwiches, you will relish it.Green leafy vegetables are included in ready to eat and homemade salads.The term serving of salads has turned out to be synonymous with lettuce.It would make sense to include lettuce in your regimen.For a few reasons, eat it with some restraint.It's important to know how lettuce affects your body.

A plate of salads is filled with supplements.Some issues, like gas and bloating, can be caused by serving mixed greens.If you add mixed greens to your diet, you'll have a bigger problem with expanded intestinal gas.Your body will get used to the lettuce.It's possible that food can cause bloating because of food defecit.

Some foods deliver more gas than others.It can happen if your stomach is not able to break down the food.They don't process well in your system.

There is fiber in plant-based sustenance.High measures of fiber are found in vegetables used as a part of salads.It helps keep your discharges normal.In some cases, high-fiber sustenance can be difficult due to the fact that the large intestine matures certain types of fiber.It causes the generation of gas in the gut.

Even though lettuce does not have as much fiber as other foods, it might cause gas if you are not used to consuming fiber.It's possible that food poisoning and germ contamination could cause bloating after eating mixed greens.

If you have gas, you should not eat romaine lettuce.Romaine lettuce can be eaten from the dirt through the roots.The person who eats polluted romaine lettuce will get the large metals.

People with the gas issue report that lettuce makes them feel better.This is not proven.Bloating is caused by a hypersensitive response to eating salads.A genuine sensitivity to a particular vegetable is rare.Other causes are more probable.

The effects of lettuce on one person may not affect another person.A single instance of bloated with eating mixed greens is not a point of concern.

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