14K Gold Rate per Gram in US Dollar - Today 14k gold rate per gram in U.S. dollar

The gold price is updated on Monday, April 5, 2021.

Gram 14K is used to weigh gold in the United States.1 Gram is equivalent to 0.03215 troy ounce.In the United States, 1 Gram of gold 14K is worth 32.43 U.S. Dollars.

Karat 14 is 585/1000 pure.It should be 14/24 pure.It is called.585 because it is slightly higer in purity than this.Practically, it is the most common in America and rarely used in Asia.

I want to know where we can buy it.The price is not the same in the gold city.

Why would you call someone a moron if they don't know anything?You spelled it wrong.

I need a miner who can buy my gold or someone who is interested in joining me in the business.I can call you up.

I don't want to get riped off because yellow gold is more likely not gold but just adding yellow to the damn sell well how much for a 18k yellowgold chain thats has the wieght off 11g

You can send an email to eagleswingenterprise@yahoo.com if you want to buy gold at the rates shown on the website.

How can I find gold on this price?I want to buy gold on this price, but I can't find a suggestion.

If you want to sell this, send me your name and number in my mail and I will call you.

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This offer is only for gold bars.All payments are made at your refinery.I don't want to be asked to deliver gold at your address.Delivery must reach a verified location.Thanks.

We are a direct seller of gold dust and bars, rough and uncut diamonds, scrap metals and scrap coppers.The company is in West Africa.email.conte.ali36@gmail.com

The Atlax Gold core business strategy is to move towards production and potential cash flow within a short time frame.The final cost of product is reduced for the end buyer.We want our workforce to provide solutions that meet clients needs now and in the future.We strive to provide the most customer oriented, point-to-point service.We have 22 and 24 carats of gold.

Hello everyone.My name is frank agyekum.Anyone interested in buying gold from Ghana should contact me.Only serious people.

I will give you the gold every ten days.It's free until you get your gold.You only pay for the gold when you have it.Let me know if you are interested and I will do business with you.Only serious ones can be sent to me.Thank you.

If you need gold, please give me a call or send me an email, I am a gold broker.

If you want to inquire about gemstones buyers, please indicate which ones you are interested in.

We are a group of miners who produce gold in the form of dust, Bars and Nuggets.We will use this medium to let you know that we control the mines from which these precious commodities are obtained.We are located in the rue Bertoua.We are looking for people that are interested.You can call and send an email.pklocalminersgroup@gmail.com

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