15 companies you might not know are owned by Amazon, according to the CEO letter.

Amazon is the leading online retailer on Planet Earth with over $107 billion in revenue in 2015.It stretches farther than you might think.Some of the companies operate under the Amazon umbrella.

The Internet Movie Database was bought by Amazon.Clicking on individual pages within the database will allow you to buy a DVD or a Blu-ray from Amazon.Since the purchase, it's remained a separate entity.

Not to be confused with Amazon's digital assistant with the same name, Alexa is an analytics provider.It's used to rank the popularity of websites.Amazon paid $250 million in stock for the service in 1999.

The most popular repository of audiobooks online became part of the Amazon empire in 2008 in a $300 million deal.When you search for a book on Amazon, you have the option to purchase the narration along with your e-book at a reduced price, and Amazon Prime members have access to original audio series created by Audible.

The box office performance of movies has been tracked by Box Office Mojo since 1999, and in July 2008 IMDb bought the service.In October of last year, traffic to Box Office Mojo was diverted to IMDb's box office page.The change was reversed within 24 hours, but it added a question mark to the future of the site.

A site dedicated to tracking down rare, used and out of print books was acquired by Amazon in 2008.It works with independent bookstores to make it easier to find titles.

If you've ever debated the merits of Zappos over Amazon, we have bad news for you: the shoe retailer was bought by the online retail giant in 2009.Since its acquisition, Zappos has worked hard to maintain its individual company culture and values.

It's one of the 350 most popular websites in the world.The community of book reviews, recommendations, and discussion is on Goodreads.It was acquired by Amazon in March of 2013).While it was a pretty logical purchase for the company, many Goodreads devotees were angered by it because they believed the Amazon affiliation would harm local booksellers.

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