150 watt heat lamp bulb and ceramic heat bulb are available on Amazon.com.

I spend a lot of time making a good home for my snakes and lizards.

One of the best ways to provide a heat source for pets is with ceramic heat emitters.They are an affordable way to provide heat and last a long time.They are worth the cost.

The Repticare and Zoo Med brands have been tested with my snakes and lizards.The price, quality, and life-expectancy of these products are the same.There are more product reviews for these brands.

Depending on where you purchase the product, the price range is anywhere from $20.00 up to $30.00.

This product can increase the inside air temperature by 10 to 20 degrees.The bulb stands up to what both manufacturers say about it, and I have tested it extensively.

This product must not be used lightly.Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for use.

This product emits heat in the direction the fixture is pointed.This product doesn't have a light source.The fixture needs to be positioned as you need it.It can be difficult to position because you can not see the light.

As long as the receptacle of the fixture is porcelain, you can use a regular clamp on it.The heat this unit emits makes me disagree.The bulb gets very hot.It may melt from the intense heat if it is used with a plastic receptacle.

The porcelain lamp fixture I recommend is designed for this product.Can you really put a price on safety with this fixture?A picture of a porcelain lamp fixture has been included.

There are benefits and drawbacks to any product type.There are some ups and downs listed.

My opinion of this product is very positive.I only recommend this product if the user pays attention to detail.If not used correctly, this product can cause harm to the pet.If it is used carelessly, it can be a fire hazard.It is a great product and is highly recommended.

This product must not be used lightly.Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for use.If you use this item wrong, it can burn or even cook your pet.You have to watch the temperature and placement very closely.If used carelessly, this product can be a fire hazard.

The article is correct to the best of the author's knowledge.It is not meant to substitute for advice from a veterinary medical professional.Animals with signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a vet.

I have a heat emitter plugged in but it is above the shelf and the plastic vent doesn't go back in so where is the best place to sit

I own a deep dome zoo.Is it possible to put a ceramic heater in that?I am reading conflicting information.

I'm Hi.I have a dragon.I don't know if I should use the ceramic heat amitter during the day or night.I replaced it with a normal red light.Was told it is better.Is it a good idea to put the regular heating lamp on in the day and only use it at night?

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