160 C to F - Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, what is it?

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If you double the C figure and add 30 you can easily convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.It should be accurate for weather temperatures.

The original definition of the Celsius temperature range was zero as the temperature at which water froze.Zero degrees C was redefined as the temperature at which ice is melted.The boiling point of water was the point at which Celsius was set.

The Celsius scale has been changed since it was defined.Zero degrees Celsius is now defined as 273.15K.The boiling point of water is 373.15 kelvin, which is equal to one degree Celsius.

The freezing point of water is 32 degrees and the boiling point is 212 degrees.The boiling and freezing point are 180 degrees apart.There is no absolute zero.

Both the Celsius and the Fahrenheit scales are offset.The Celsius and Fahrenheit scales add a different value for every additional unit of heat energy.It is not possible to say that doubling the C value doubles the amount of heat energy, so it is difficult to understand how much energy 1 degree Fahrenheit or Celsius actually is.

When a doubling of value doubles the energy, the only temperature system that works isKelvin, which has an absolute zero and a body temperature of 310.15K.The zero end of the scale is too far away from a person's experience to be useful.

It is a naming convention.The degrees Celsius and degrees centigrade are the same thing.Centi-grade means a scale consisting of 1/100ths of a degree, because the scale was defined between 0 and 100 degrees.