1940 wheat penny, no mint mark, is rare, discover its worth, and learn the value of the coin.

The 1940 penny value is listed in different categories.The Date and Mint Mark variety is important.

There are mint marks on the coin.The mint has different values attached to them.

Next evaluation is condition.1940 wheat pennies are worth a premium over average quality coins.

The date and mint combination should be confirmed.Images show the location of mint marks.

The stages of wear are used to match your coin to a standard.The details are described.First impressions are important.Light wear on the coin with plenty of detail remaining quickly spots a premium wheat penny.

Three different types of cents were struck in 1940.Over 781,000,000 pennies were produced in the year, which was the beginning of the decade.There are differences in the 1940 penny value.

Philadelphia's 1940 production of cents is the 6th highest of any wheat cent year.The calendar year records mint report shows the number of struck.Thearity scale is plentiful.Existing coins are dominated by circulating examples.Young people start collections of lightly worn coins.

There are no noticeable marks on 1940 pennies.Coins with no dents to the rim or Lincoln's portrait are solid within a grade.

The three varieties of wheat pennies were struck by Denver.Higher value can be seen with coins that are lightly circulating.

The lettering and date areas of the old pennies tend to accumulate debris.

The Rarity scale is abundant.In 1940, the San Francisco mint struck 112,940,000 cents.The mint total of the wheat penny series is 10th highest.The popularity of pennies and mints supports value.

There are large supplies available.They are inspected for quality.Light tan to brown is a favorite color.Areas of darkness and spots detract from eye appeal.

There is wear on a coin's surface.The stages of condition are defined by a set of standard grades.The grades used in the value process are listed on the charts.

Don't touch the surface by Handeling your coins by the edges.Most substances react to copper.From this point on, preservation maintains value.

The Mint State is uncirculated 1940 wheat pennies.No wear to the surface is confirmed during the inspection.A grade of uncirculated condition is given to a coin without wear.

The high relief areas are the first to be judged.The shine of a new coin is caused by Luster, a fine texture, the result of the striking process.Lincoln's cheek is centrally located and prone to first signs of wear.If you judge the cheek as it extends towards the ear, no dulling or smoothness is needed to achieve mint state status.

The 1940 penny example has a high eye appeal due to its original color and luster.A lustrous coin is popular with collectors.There are no spots or marks in the fields of the coin.

A wheat cent is graded with a light amount of wear evenly distributed over the surface.Wear cannot cause major design elements to connect.Curls and facial features are raised.

The area just below Lincoln's eye is slightly flattened.There is wear in front of the ear, but it is well rounded.Between his cheek and ear, wear is confined to the high areas.

Light brown tone covers the wheat cent.There were no large marks to distract the eye.There are a couple of small spots in front of Lincoln.The date is well defined and the legends are sharp.An example of an extremely fine grade.

Moderate wear has reduced the high points of design on a wheat cent in Fine grade.Lincoln's hair has merged in places just above the ear and his coat is wide and flat.

The smooth cheek below the eye is connected by a flattened area in front of Lincoln's ear.A once rounded profile to his cheek is now a flat area.A separation of cheek and jaw is shown in a fine example.

The example wheat cent has strong details remaining in the hair, bow-tie, and coat.The coin would be considered part of a collection by a young collector.

Heavy wear covering the entire central portion of a wheat cent places it in the Good grade.Lincoln's hair is mostly flat, coat is lacking detail along the back and shoulder, and facial features are one smooth plane.

The roundness and height to Lincoln's cheek merged with his ear.There is no depression between the two.The majority of design is connected to his jaw.

The example coin's marketability can be improved.Light brown color indicates a well-preserved coin after it was removed from circulation.Lincoln's portrait is bold and the fields are not large.A pleasing example of a good grade cent.

When judging Lincoln Wheat Pennies, additional points are covered in greater detail.The wheat pennies have many areas to examine in order to establish and confirm a grade.You are in a position to realize true market value when you complete your grades.

The popularity of wheat cents is due to their availability.Billions were produced and millions saved.The easy budget requirements make the series attractive to beginners.The appeal is extended to advanced collectors who are looking for mint state examples in top condition.

The level of preservation is shown by the wheat cent.After decades, original bright copper is still brilliant.Coins are kept appealing by being protected from handling.

Their surroundings leave unappealing surfaces.The green verdigris is damaging the surface.Both avoidable.

Any wheat cent worth more than a few cents is protected individually.The minimum value examples are well preserved by storing them in coin tubes.Each is made for the hobby to safely store coins.The HE Harris coin tube and Saflip are pictured.The article provides more detail about providing safe coin storage.

The US Mint.The 1941 US Mint Annual Report was published by the Federal Trade Commission.Investing in coins.Theftc.gov has an article about investing collectible coins.

The Wheat design was used for Lincoln cents from 1909 to 1958.An affordable collection popular with young collectors includes uncirculated coins and worn examples.A wide range of values is identified by identifying the date, mint and condition.

From wheat cents to the early years of the US Mint, there are rare pennies.There are a number of issues with these coins.

US coin values.The image links lead to value charts.All described and imaged within each series are considered.Surprising value can be found in the smallest detail.

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