2 essential ways to reduce planer snite, what it is, and how to prevent it.

Professional looking woodworking projects can happen on their own.They start with wood that's been cut.You don't have to worry about snipe getting in the way of your project.There is a different thickness at the ends than in the middle.

The board passes from one pressure roller to another.There are pressure rollers on either side of the cutterhead.The upper frame, which houses the cutterhead, motor, and pressure rollers, is guided by guideposts.There are forces securing the board.There is a variation in reaction forces at the ends of the boards.The cutterhead removes more material at the end of the board than desired.

The 40200H is a planer model that features a lock.Lock the cutterhead into position with the snipe lock.When raising or lowering the cutterhead, set the feature to unlocked so that you can plan your work.

Four lead screws are used tomobilize the upper frame in the 40600H, 40700H and 40800H models.Guideposts are not necessary because our patented design gives a comparable and, in some situations, better performance than the addition of thesnipe lock feature included in the 40200H.You can find the full line of jointers, planers and accessories on our website.

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