'200 More Puppies' TV Commercial, 'Fairy', and 'Gourmet Chicken' are examples of Sparkle Paper Towels commercials.

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I just watched a commercial with the new sparkle fairy.I went online to see what happened and there was nothing.The new one is not very good.

I agree.There is no edge to her.The product will not sell if the ad doesn't work.It's their mistake!

I agree with you completely.Their airing is declining in my area.

The commercial for Sparkle Paper Towels and Thought was the only reason I tried them.I thought she was great.Is it politically incorrect to have her in a commercial?I am even more fed up with Political Correctness if it is true.I want to watch the commercial again.

I have not tried Sparkle towels, but I am sure I would have gotten around to it if the original fairy had been kept.The first one could have been politically incorrect.You raise an interesting point, I never considered that.I have noticed a decline in the airing of the new commercial in my area.Maybe the manufacturers are rethinking.I hope so.!

A new PR firm created a new ad campaign for the Sparkle Fairy.Donna said it was a move to be more PC.I don't like the new fairy and the image created by Kerri the sparkle fairy was more in line with what Sparkle wants.It was a poor choice.To showcase Georgia-Pacific's Sparkle paper towels as a brand that celebrates smart and savvy choices, the Sparkle team has partnered with San Francisco-based creative agency, Cutwater, for its new Make the Bright Choice campaign, which encourages consumers to spend less.She is a symbol to celebrate individuality and assist in spending less per sheet on the mess with the brand's paper towels.

Nicole, thank you for all the information.The original Sparkle Fairy had more practicality than wit.She was fun.They have a bland one.Thanks for your feedback.

I agree with you.Everything else was related to the article and their marketing firm.

Thank you for posting.I think the marketing firm will eventually lose out as this fairy has no sparkle to her.Time will tell!Take care!

What a great opportunity.The Sparkle Fairy should come back and clean this mess.To clean off the stain of this generic replacement, use her Sparkle Towels.

They tried to get rid of the guy.Mistake!Please please please, he's going to bring the first "Sparkle" fairy back!

I agree with you that it would be great to have her back.

Bonehaed is the correct word.They had a fun way of selling their product.They blew it.The onus is on them if sales go down.

I didn't know they tried getting rid of the Trivago guy.What a mistake that would have been.That guy is hot.The older man was endorsed by a ringing endorsement.

The original Sparkle Fairy was a natural, and the new fairy is just a woman in a costume.

The company got rid of her for no good reason.This fairy has no spark.

The original sparkle fairy should be brought back.I bought the product because I liked her.I usually don't watch commercials, but I made an exception this time.That's how effective she was.

I don't like the replacement fairy, but I miss the original.When the original people are replaced, nobody likes it.I'm sure she's a great actress, but she isn't the one we love.Bring original Kerri back, I'm with you.!

I agree with LLM.When an original is replaced, no one likes it.She isn't up to the original's level.The Original Sparkle fairy needs to be brought back.!

I could not disagree more.In my area, they stopped airing the more recent commercial with the "new" one.Interesting.

The actors name of the original fairy is here.

I am happy to see that I'm not alone.The original ads and the Sparkle Fairy are missing.The new one is very pale in comparison to the original.

I agree with you that the original Sparkle Fairy should be brought back.I might start using the product if she came back.Thank you for taking the time to comment!

The new girl is a deterrent.I stopped buying her because of her.She is what sold your product.As dumb a move as "New Coke".Take a deep breath and admit you are wrong.

Advertising no longer has anything to do with products, it is just a forum for corporations to express their political opinions and social commentary.Inter-racial couples are now featured in mattress commercials.Do you think that encourages people to buy mattresses?

I am with you all.The advertising for mattresses featuring interacial couples is fine with me, but what about same sex couples?Same sex couples are not featured on Match and the others.On Match, my husband and I met.Everyone for sharing!

We are on the same page.I haven't seen the ad with the new one in a while.Maybe this wish will come true.

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