3 lbs of sugar free butterscotch hard candy is available on the Amazon.com.

Butterscotch Disks are wrapped in hard candy.They are called butterscotch buttons.

When my first child was a toddler, she was involved in Butterscotch Disks.I was busy potty training her when she was 18 months old.I would give her a treat when she was a big girl.

She must have noticed where I kept the Butterscotch Disks because she popped one in her mouth when I wasn't looking.There was a lump in her cheek.I asked her if she got into the candy without asking.She looked up with her hands in the air and shook her head no.She told the truth and said yes.

I told her to ask first before I put them out of her reach.The yellow wrapper was stuck in the back of her panties when I put her on the potty chair.I had to laugh.I'm pretty sure it's still her favorite candy.She always has some in her candy dish.Crystal is from West Virginia.

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