3 MBH to ton is converted into a unit conversion.

The ratio of work to time is called power in physics.The amount of force needed to move a body along the distance is referred to as work.Power is an indicator of the machine's capacity to work.

The power is measured in kilowatts per second.Power as a unit is also used.Power was not measured until the invention of engines, and there were no units associated with it.James Watt, an inventor and engineer, worked on improving the steam engine after it was invented.When an engine's power output increases, so does its efficiency.Watt wanted to show the efficiency of the engine.Watt had to compare the power output of the new steam engine with that of horses because not every mine where he marketed his steam engines used technology; some used only horses.A standardized measure was used to compare the power output between horses and engines.This measure was used for other machines.Watt measured this unit of power by observing and evaluating the work of draft horses.746 watt is equivalent to one horsepower.Horses aren't capable of working at this level for a long period of time, but the unit stays the same.In the automobile industry, the latter is more commonly used than the former.

Household appliances have their power indicated on them.Light bulbs can only be used under a certain power, for example 60 watt.Light bulbs with greater power can cause damage to the lamp or fixture.The problem may be solved by using lamps that are not incandescent, as they generally consume less power for the same brightness output.

The efficiency of appliances and light bulbs are being improved.A light bulb's brightness depends on its power and type.It is measured by the amount of light in the room.There is a comparison of the power of different light sources.

The LEDs are more efficient in operation because they require less power.Over the long-term use of the light, it is cost- efficient, even though the unit price is still high.Some countries are banning the use of incandescent lights because of their low energy efficiency.

The power of household appliances varies by the maker and model and they have different power while performing different types of work, but here are some examples of average and approximate values.

Machines can be evaluated through power.Animals and humans can be measured using power.The power of an athlete throwing a basketball can be calculated by finding the force with which she propels the ball for a given distance and the time that she completes this work.Some websites help athletes calculate the work done and the power output for different types of physical exercises, based on the weight and equipment used, the distance traveled, estimated using the athlete's height for exercises like weight lifting.The calculator shows that a person of 170 cm tall and 70 kg can produce a power output of 39.5 watt by doing 50 push-ups for 10 minutes.Some athletes use special devices for these calculations, record their performance with respect to power output, and then analyze it to determine the effectiveness of their workout program.

A special device can be used to measure power.Torque and force can be measured.They have a wide range of applications.It is possible to measure and evaluate the power output of engines.There are two types of dynamometers.The engines that are taken out of the vehicle or machine are more accurate than engine dynamometers.They are less accurate and more expensive, but they can be used more easily.

The strength of people can be calculated with the help of a dyneometer.The isokinetic type is what they are.An exercise machine and a computer are connected to a isokinetic dynamometer.The strength of muscle groups is measured.They can measure the power output for specific muscle groups.When a power threshold is exceeded, they can be programmed to give warnings.It's useful for people with injuries undergoing rehabilitation or for those who want to keep an eye on their exercise routines.

According to some theories of exercise, the biggest performance improvement happens at a certain range of stimuli.When the exercise is easy, there is no improvement and the athlete may have poor performance due to overtraining.For exercises that depend on the environment, such as cycling and swimming, it is difficult to measure the effect of wind or the conditions of the ground.Power is one of the easiest ways to track the response of an athlete to a stimuli, and it is a useful concept in exercise.

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The power is measured in Watts.1 watt is equal to 1 J/s.The units of power include erg/s, horsepower, and foot-pounds per minute.The power required to lift 550 pounds by one foot in one second is equivalent to about 746 watt.The power is measured in decibels, a relative measure with 1 watt as reference and calories per hour.

Electric power is defined as the amount of work done by an electric current, or the rate at which electrical energy is transmitted.The watt is the SI unit of electric power.

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You can convert between several hundred units, including metric, British and American, in 76 categories.The maximum number of digits after the decimal point is 10 is considered to be an accurate number.

There are numbers that are too small or too large in this calculator.The scientific notation a 10x is an alternative format.For example, 1,103,000 is 1.103 106." 10" means "times ten raised to the power of" and is represented by E.Scientists, mathematicians and engineers use e-notation in their work.

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