3 Ways to Clean Orange Stains in a Shower.

These little green scrubbies can be found at the dollar store or online for less than fifty cents each.I cut them in half after buying a pack.For a few months, each half lasts me.

It is a good idea to get your water tested if you have funky water.It is just good ol' fashioned well water and it has been tested.Even with a big softener system in the basement, it's still orange.

A cleaner called Universal Stone is another great tool for well owners.If you're looking for something that's still safe and eco-friendly, but with a little more oomph, this may be the one for you. I've been using this on my tub or anywhere else that I have orange water stains and it works better than the green scrub

With this newly- discovered secret, we can avoid the major investment in a whole- home filter system, and instead install inexpensive, under-counter filter systems on select highly visible or hard to clean areas.We know how easy it is to take care of the bathroom sinks and tub in certain areas.

I will definitely try those!I have to wash our whites with Iron-out just to keep them from turning orange because of the iron-y well water at our place.The bathtub has always been bad, but hopefully this will change that.

The one piece fiber glass ones are very abrasive and can damage the finish of the tub.More damage leads to more porous condition in the tub.

Plain old car wax can be used to make this stain easier to deal with.Add wax to the tub and buff it off.The wax prevents the stains from sticking to the surface.waxing the walls and sides is a great way to help with this, but do not wax the standing area of the tub.

I feel your pain!We also have a water softner.We didn't realize the water was bad when we bought the house.I ruined my husband's dress shirts when I washed them.It turned my hair red.We built a new house and got the right type of softner for it, but it still gets some red stains from time to time when the salt is low in the big barrel thing.

She said that the rain x on her shower door kept it clean from soap scum for a month.I want to get my shower clean so that I can try it.The toilet is not the same as the story it tells.I am not touching those stains.That's right.

There are iron or hard water stains in the toilet.It works well and won't hurt the porcelain in the toilets.

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I can not use abrasives on my tub.I like the idea of a wax on the car.We have a lot of iron to deal with.

I grew up in a house that had horrible well water and my mother had to remove the yellow stains from our tub, toilets, and sinks.She found a brand of cleaners called "The Works" at some Dollar stores and Big Lots.When she tried it for the first time, she couldn't believe it.

I have the same problem, haven't tried the green scrubbie, but have used Bar Keeper's Friend, in the liquid form, even just pouring some on the fiberglass shower stall, you can see the orange disappear before you wipe it.!

My main concern is our clothes, I have well water problems as well.The plastic on my washer has been stained.Some of the clothes come out with stains.Is there a way to get these out??

I have had our water tested and it has a high concentration of iron which makes it smell like rotten eggs. I am researching inexpensive filters and where to get them.

This is a very important post.I have tried to clean the yellow water stains in the bathroom multiple times but have not been able to.Thank you for sharing!I will definitely listen to your advice.

We used to have well water.It was good water, but left a yellow stain in the dishwasher, and we ended up taking our whites to a laundromat.We used to have a system but got tired of it.There is a suggestion to drop a large bleach pellet onto the well.What do you know?It worked.Enough.We used to drop in another bleach pellet when the yellow came back.The cleaning supply business gave me the pellets.

Thanks for the tip!I showered with the light off so I wouldn't notice the tiles on the shower walls.I have tried all the harsh chemicals without success until I saw your idea and it worked well.It was a lot of work but worth it.I think I will use a good tile Sealer now to give me a couple years before I need to do this project again.What a simple solution!

There is something in baby wipes that helps get out the orange in the shower..

I use wipes for a lot of things.I never tried them for this.Thanks for the tip!

Wow!I have been scrubbing my sink for two hours trying to get it off.Baking soda and vinegar solution was one of the things I tried.The marks on the tip of the sink looked like rust, which is why I tried CLR.I scrubbed and scrubbed each product to the point that I was exhausted.I came here to see if I could find any suggestions and try again tomorrow.I was taken aback by the fact that I came across this.You want to know if the green scrubby is going to take it off?I decided if it was simple I would give it a try.I said "you have to be kidding me" when I started scrubbing.No joke!I didn't read any of the comments to see what others had to say, so I was a bit surprised.If anyone else has this problem, I hope you look online and find this first instead of going through the same situation I did or the original post did for a year!One little green scrubby can do amazing things.Is that the case?

I'm happy!It worked for you!I did the same routine as you did before I discovered the green scrubby.

The scrubbies were green.General surface cleaning was what it did.I used a nylon one for the stick-free pans.I used baking soda, white vinegar, and greenies to clean the toilets.There is nothing more than surface cleaning.I have a paper towel stuck to the stains on the toilets and a paste of baking soda all over the inside of the bowl.Been that way since yesterday.I will try scrubbing with greenies again soon.I will scrub the orange tank with a toilet brush after I have sprayed it.The tank is where the orange stains come from.

I am not supposed to bleach my system.I might have to use a small amount of bleach if I can't resolve this in another way.This is terrible.I wish I hadn't bought this house.I didn't know the water was bad.

It's possible to use a pumice stone on the toilet.You will need one just for that purpose, but those have worked well for me and I don't use anything else.Good luck!

Thanks.The pumice stone was soaked in water before I used it, and it helped a lot.I have read that the kind of stone that I used was softer than the one for the feet.Oops.It doesn't seem to have hurt anyone.It looks pretty good after I cleaned the TANK and the toilet bowl that had been sitting in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for 24 hours or more.The tank is clean and the bowl is white with a faint line of orange stains.

I think the trick is to clean the toilets regularly and thoroughly, so I can catch the staining before it happens.I am going to check out the idea of using just a small amount of car wax over that area that stains the most.

The bar keepers friend is the best at removing rust.Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off.It works.

There is a mail order operation and catalog at Lehman Hardware.For $9, they create a magnetic field in toilet tanks that eliminates the brown stain, I have used them for 10 years.

My daughter told me the other day that she used a bath bomb to remove a small section of orange from her body while she was in the bath.I have some plain citric acid, so I will have to try it on its own to see how it works.

My wife knows if you use a toilet cleaner that comes off easy.Just rub it on with a sponge and spray it off.The tub, shower and sinks are all white again.

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