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If you have ever found a rubber band snapped free from its place around a pack of baseball cards, pulled out an old pair of sneakers and found them stiff as a board, or had your vacuum cleaner break down, you know that rubber.As heat, oils, and even simple oxygen cause chemical reactions, natural rubber degrades and hardens.It is possible to delay the hardening of rubber objects by limiting exposure to heat, oils, and oxygen.It is a battle that will eventually be lost, but properly employed heat or oil can restore some softness to rubber objects.

Put rubber in your clothes dryer on the hottest setting to make it softer.It's important to make sure it doesn't burn or melt.If you want to make the rubber in sneakers softer, use a hair dryer on the hottest setting for 10 minutes.If you want to put your sneakers in the oven, be sure to place them on a baking dish that you don't cook on anymore.After the rubber has cooled, you can shape it.If you want to learn how to keep rubber from hardening, read on!Did the summary help you?

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