4 ways to replace a ceiling fan pull chain switch

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There is an easy way to fix a broken ceiling fan pull chain.Remove the broken piece of chain from the ceiling fan and replace it with a longer one.Before removing the old switch and installing the new one, you should buy a replacement at a local hardware store.Before you take apart the ceiling fan, make sure the power source is turned off.

You need to remove the old switch, detach the wires, and attach a new switch to the terminal to replace a ceiling fan pull switch.If you want to start, turn off the circuit breaker that leads to the fan.You can remove the cover from the fan by removing the nut on the pull switch.Since you will need this information later, you should write down the colors of each wire.Take the pull switch to a home improvement store and buy a new one.If the new switch isn't compatible, it should be the same in size, number of speeds, and wattage.Refer to your notes when attaching the new switch to connect the colored wires.Attach them, screw the nuts back in, replace the fan cover, and flip the circuit breaker back on.You can learn how to attach a switch with wire nuts.Did the summary help you?

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