5 most effective essential oils for bed bugs - The miracle

The anger and agony that bed bugs cause is still fresh in my mind, having just come off an exasperating bed bug invasion.I take pride in keeping my home neat and ready for guests.I found out later that one of my guests had a severe bed bug problem and that they probably brought a few of the bugs to my place.Before bed bugs take over the house, they need a few days to breed and grow.

You know what bed bugs are.The 6 legged, almost microscopic wingless insects are parasites.

The name, bed bugs, comes from the fact that they love brooding in and around the bed area.They can ruin every single night of sleep by biting you without mercy.They like sticking to dark colored furniture and clothes that are hard to see.They can be found hiding in metal and plastic items in the house.

It is possible to use natural methods to rid your living quarters of bed bugs, all it takes is a lot of dedication and patience.

You can either wash your clothes with natural insecticides, wash them in hot water, or steam clean them.

All corners of your house, your furniture, and your carpets need to be vacuumed.You can potentially destroy the bed bugs with some potent essential oils.

Everyone loves the smell of this oil, but bed bugs hate it.I have testified to the bed bug repelling effects of lavender.lavender essential oil can be used during the bed bug elimination stage as well as after to prevent re-infestation.

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, is native to Australia where the aboriginals used it for a variety of health and skin related issues.Tea tree oil kills bed bugs and their eggs.It has a strong smell that deters bugs.

It is not safe for pregnant ladies and young children to use essential oils like thyme.It is possible to repel, kill and prevent beg bugs with the help of thyme, a powerful essential oil.

It's rich in compounds that repel bed bugs.The bugs can be killed and their eggs prevented from hatching.It has a pleasant smell and can be used to repel bed bugs.

Clove has a strong smell that can deter bed bugs.Eugenol is rich in and may be toxic to bugs.Use the dark corners as hideouts for bed bugs to prevent them from breeding.