5 steps to make a spy stethoscope.

There is a stethoscope.I picked up mine at a local drug store for $10 and a pair of Stereo Multimedia Microphones.It was chosen because of the low cost and decent specifications.$12 can be found on Ebay.The Stereo Y-Adapter is 3.5mm.$0.They are probably a couple of bucks, I had one laying around.

I used an X-Acto knife and other tools to disassemble the multimedia microhones.To get the mics out, I cut it down the middle and popped the top off.I had 2 mics and a 3.5mm connection.

The earpieces need to be removed.I drilled out the earpieces from the mic housings.I used a Dremel to tune it.

I used a small dot of hot glue to attach the microphones to the earpieces.

I found these mini multi Media Microphones, but not sure if it would be as easy as yours.Yours was an older model.Is it possible for the mic to be removed like yours?

The Miniphone-Mic-for-Laptop-Tablet-PC-Computer-3-5mm-Plug-2m-Cord-Black is for sale on eBay.

When you open the ebay ad, please select option "with mic" to make sure these will work, I watched your video several times and I think I found a similar Audio cable mic.On the bottom of the ad, they were just a bunch of other cables listed like these, so I need to get earpieces from the Steth to fit them in.There is a Y-adapter at the end.If I understood your instructions before I purchase, I wanted to get your check first.I think these will work.

There is a Replacement Audio-Cable-Mic-Control-for-Shure-SE 215SE315SE425SE535SE846 on eBay.

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If you're looking for the smallest gps tracker with audio and video recording, here you go.

It's so small nobody will even notice it, so you can hide it in a room, under a table, a closet or a handbag.

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There are two pins that are reversed from the schematic published here in the other schematics I have looked at.

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You are a genius.The device is great because I don't have to plug the dirty stethoscope ear plugs into my ears.!

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You can get a stethoscope for the hearing impaired that has an amplifier on it for $400.It's a nice party favor to take the diaphragm and secure it to the wall with a bracket.

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It was 11 years ago.

I was using my earbuds and the mic only picked up the sound from the left side.

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If you put only one mic into one earpiece and leave the other alone, you can hear what you need to hear.

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