5 ways to get rid of a bloated face, including avoiding some foods that cause facial bloat.

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Do you mean under-eye bags?Is there puffy jowls?You're not the only one bloated.Experts share the best ways to diminish facial puffiness and keep it from happening again.

A blemish, a fine line, and all are easy to hide.But bloat?That is a little different.If you have been waking up with a face like a boxing glove more often recently, you are not alone.

A confluence of factors, including dry indoor air, lack of exercise, and virtual cocktail hour, is what knocked you back last night.

You might be seeing changes in your face with extra acuteness because of the circumstances.Video calls force us to stare at our faces for hours at a time.Regardless of the cause or severity, there are solutions.Here are the best ways to fight bloat before it starts.

The elements listed above can cause water retention in the face, but the most damaging factor is stress.She says that the fight or flight response kicks in when cortisol levels rise.Imagine if you were being chased by a bear.Your heart, muscles, brain and lungs need blood to move as fast as possible and your body retains water for the organs as a matter or preservation.It is a biological stress response, and while most of us are not being chased by bears, we are reading the news and eating salty and sweet snacks.

Celebrity facialist Joanna Czech says that it's important to manually push the puff away.She says you want to create a draining effect with either your hands or a massage tool.It's important to start at the center of the face and work your way down to the bottom of your ear and the neck.

Move five times from the center of your forehead to the side of the face and then down to your ears and neck.She says to make sure you use a delicate touch, whether you are using a roller or your fingers.You don't want to manipulate your muscles here.

Gohara likes gua sha stones, which can be cooled in the refrigerator.The motion moves liquid away from areas where it can collect, like a broom pushing water in the ground after a storm.