50 Amp Sub Panel Wiring For A Basement - HunkerElectrical How to install a sub panel in a detached garage.

You can reduce the number of lights on a single breaker and dedicate circuits to specific appliances by wiring a subpanel.Some full-service panels can be used as a subpanel if the bonding bar is removed.The planning is the most challenging part of the wiring procedure for a subpanel.

Make a list of the number of breakers that will be required for the subpanel and obtain the necessary permit.Check the length and the amperage of the cable you want.When the length of wire does not exceed 55 feet, 6-3G cable is designed for 50 Amps.A thicker wire is required after that length.

If you want the wire to run and be supported, you need to map the wiring route.If you are using a stapler, make sure the wires are supported at least every 48 to 54 inches.To get a clear idea of how long the wires will take, use a piece of rope and run it as if it were the wire.Make sure to allow for the extra length of wire entering the subpanel to connect to the terminals and a little extra to make sure there are no errors.