50 Cent doesn't drink his own champagne in the club, but he does launch a personal brand of champagne.

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G-Unit rapper 50 Cent relocated to Houston to work on a few television projects and seems to have fully embraced the community.50 Cent has been creating relationships with businesses and organizations by posting pictures of himself around the city.Le Chemin du Roi champagne won the Best of Show in the International Wine Competition at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Reserve.

I almost fainted when they told me I won.I was very excited.50 Cent told ABC 13 News in Houston that he was proud of it.

The annual competition attracted entries from 18 different countries, including Argentina, France, Italy and Spain, according to the news station.Two couples purchased 50's champagne at a wine auction at the event.A group of people bought 50's wine for $160,000.

I get the beautifully hand crafted saddle.It is just amazing that you have to get one.He wrote about the Green Light Gang.

The rapper realized he wasn't the only one with weighted pockets when he bid on a few items himself.

Some people in Texas have a lot of money.He shared that he lost $175,000 on a bottle of wine.

The Le Chemin du Roi line was released by 50 Cent.The charity auction raised over $360,000 for the wine.