500 is the number that you can play.

In a game of 500 you want to work with your teammate to earn 500 points.You can earn points by winning tricks in the game.Every player plays 1 card in each trick to try and win the trick.You will be winning a game of 500 in no time if you learn the ranking of the cards and refer to a score card.

Step 1: 2 teams of 2 players are created.

There will be 4 players in a game of 500.Each teammate sits across from the other in a separate team.

Step 2: You have 43 cards with the lowest numbers removed.

In your deck, you will keep the 5 in black suits and the 4 in red suits, so that you have the same number of cards in each suit.You will keep a bad guy as well.You should have 43 cards to play.You will remove the 2, 3, and 4 from both black suits and red suits.

Step 3: 3 cards are left in the middle after a total of 10 cards were dealt to each player.

Before putting 3 in the center of the table, you have to deal 3 cards to each player.Next deal 4 cards to each player going clockwise.Some people just deal 10 cards to each player and put the last 3 cards in the middle, while others do it in a different way.

Step 4: Determine the suit of the president.

The trump suit is the one that will win over the other suits.To see which suit you have the most and highest cards in, look at your hand of cards.If you have several Hearts with high numbers, you might want the trump suit to be Hearts so you can win more tricks.The person who wins the bid will determine the trump suit.

Step 5: How many tricks can you win?

A trick is a full round of a game.The lowest number of tricks you can bid on is 6, while the highest is 10.To win a trick, the card you played must have a higher value than the other cards.You can pass if you don't think you can win at least 6 tricks and you have a good hand.

Step 6: The ranking of the cards should be understood.

The highest card of the trump suit will be the Joker.The Jack of the trump suit is the second-highest card, with the third card being the same color as the suit.The ranking goes down with the ace of the trump suit, King, Queen, 10, 9, and so on.The cards that are not in the trump suit have a normal ranking.For example, if the trump suit is Diamonds, the ranking would be the same as for the other suits, with the exception of the Queen of Diamonds.

Step 7: Place a bid.

If your hand isn't strong enough to win enough tricks, you say "pass." Each player will say their bid, such as "7 Spades" or "8 Diamonds."The only trump card you can bid on is the Joker.If you are the player who has the villain, you will only be able to bid on this.You don't need to write down everyone's bids as they will have to be higher than the last one, making them easy to remember.

Step 8: If you won the bid, you should take the pot.

The person who said the highest bid takes the 3 cards in the middle.The 3 least useful cards should be thrown out after you look through your hand.The trump suit is the suit that the winner bid on.The pot is also known as the kitty.It's a good idea to discard any cards with a low value.

Step 9: The winner of the bid should put a card down.

The first player to play a card is the one who won the pot.If you want everyone to see it, place the card in the center face up.It's best to play cards of a higher value if you want to win the trick.

Step 10: The players are playing one card.

After the winner plays the first card, the person to their left sets a card of the same suit.Continue until all 4 players have played a card.

Step 11: If you have cards for that suit, play it.

If it is your turn and you have a card of the lead suit, you need to play that card.If you can win with a trump card, you have to play the same suit.If the lead suit is Hearts, you would have to play any Hearts cards in your hand before other suits.If you have more than one card of the lead suit, play a card with a higher value.

Step 12: If you don't have cards of that suit, set a card of your own.

If you don't have a card of the lead suit, you can play any other card you want, including the trump suit.If you don't have a trump card or a card that follows suit, the card you play will be treated as a discard option.If you didn't have any Spades in your hand, you could play another card of your choice.If you don't have a trump card or card of the lead suit, play a card with a low value to get rid of it.

Step 13: The winner of the trick will be decided by seeing who played the highest card.

Look to see who won after each player has placed their card down.The highest trump card won if more than one person played it.The highest card of the lead suit wins if no trump cards are played.Jack of the same color as the trump suit is worth more than an ace if you remember.The range for suits that are not the trump suit is between 4 and 5, depending on the color of the suit.The winner puts the cards in front of them to keep track of how many tricks they have won.

Step 14: The winner will lead the next trick.

The person who won the previous trick is the one who will do the next trick.If possible, each player should set a card of the same suit.Who won the next trick after everyone laid down 1 card again?The winner of each round will lead the trick and everyone will try to play a high card to win it.If the team that won the bid wins the number of tricks they bid, it is not possible for the other team to reach their bid.

Step 15: You can use a score card to calculate the points.

You can find a score card online.The score card shows how many points are awarded for each suit.

Step 16: Add or subtract points depending on the bid.

The score card is used to add the number of tricks you won to your score.If you didn't win the right number of tricks, you would subtract the score card's number from your total score.If you won all 6 tricks with Spades, you would add 40 points to your score, according to the score card.You would need to subtract 280 points from your score if you didn't win all those tricks after bidding 8 Diamonds.If necessary, keep a piece of paper and a pencil next to you.

Step 17: If you want to win the game, you have to earn 500 points.

If a team has negative 500 points or less, then they have lost.The first team to accumulate 500 points wins.The dealer should be left for each new hand.

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