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Naproxen is the name of the Pill imprint.There are different forms of this medicine such as tablets, liquid suspension and delayed-release tablets.You can take this medicine with a spoon.

There are different brand names for Naproxen.It is a generic medicine.Generic medicines cost less.They may not be available in each level of strength or form as the brand name editions.The medicine is oblong, white and imprinted with the number 500 on the back side.Naproxen has a strength of 500mg and is a generic medicine.

This medicine is a part of the class of medicines known as non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs.The medicines are effective in reducing pain.There is no explanation for how it can help decrease pain.Reducing the levels of a hormone-like substance called prostaglandin might help in reducing swelling.

Naproxen should be prescribed.This medicine can be purchased without a doctor's prescription.You can buy it in pill form at the local pharmacy or on the internet.It is available in different brands.

Patients who take Naproxen experience other serious side effects.If you experience any of the serious side effects, please call a doctor as soon as possible.If the symptoms are life threatening, or if you think you are in a medical emergency, seek medical assistance immediately.There are serious side effects of Naproxen.

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