50x50 Metal Building is a 50 x 50 metal building.

A 5050 metal building from Metal Barn Central can be used when you need a reliable, durable, yet affordable storage solution.Most residential, agricultural, and commercial needs can be fulfilled by these versatile structures.Take a look at some of our designs.

A 50'x50' metal building from Metal Barn Central is a great solution for a variety of needs.Whether you need space to house your small business, a place to secure your vehicles and equipment, or a facility for any type of storage, this building can accommodate all of your needs.

2500 feet of open, column-free space is provided by this building with clear span framing.A portion of the 50'x50' metal building could be used as a living space, complete with walk-in doors and windows, and set aside the rest for storage.Maybe you don't want to live in a metal building, but you would like to be able to escape when the need arises.The building is a great place to build a Man Cave or She Shed.

Retail and commercial applications can be found in a building of this size.Customers have used these 50'x50' buildings as a gym and exercise facilities, offices, storefronts and retail shops.The storage capacity of this building is appreciated by those in agriculture.More people reach out to us because of our 50'x'50' buildings for storage needs.

Many businesses and homeowners prefer metal buildings over wood because they last up to 4 times longer.Why not choose a steel building from Carport Central over a wood-frame building?There are more reasons to consider.

The components are designed to a specific size, weight, and strength.Steel components are straight and true, and they stay that way.Unlike wood that gets swollen or weak from water, doors and windows stay in place.

Steel framing is more versatile than wood.Our structures are designed to survive high winds and heavy snow.A steel building is something you can pass on to your children.