55 examples of Filipino proverbs, including owlcation, education, filipino proverb, and the spiritual life.

The values of the Philippines are echoed by Filipino proverbs.They have been passed down from generation to generation, but the values and lessons they impart to us still hold true today.

bend your legs so that you fit if your blanket is too short.Adapt to your environment and be satisfied with what you have.When you can spare some money for a little bit of luxury, learn to be frugal.

It is easy for people to tell something they don't know, but it is harder if they choose not to see what is before them.

They call them the fruits of labor.Perseverance is needed to reach your goals.You will enjoy the results of your efforts if you keep trying.

You can never be sure that people you don't know have your best interests in mind.Don't put yourself in their hands.

When exposed to certain conditions, iron can destroy itself.A strong person can be undone by his or her own actions.

There are things that are inevitable.Even if it takes a long time, this proverb refers to a couple that is destined to marry.

There is no need to waste emotion over something that has already happened.

This proverb means exactly what it says.You should not live with regret because you thought the opportunity would come again.

Some eggs don't go on to become chickens.You should not act on the assumption that you have something.

You should not take offense if the criticism was not directed at you.

A thief may dislike another thief.One thief makes life harder for the other and acts as a reminder of their own wrongdoing.That hatred is hypocritical regardless of the explanation.

Think before you leap.You can save yourself from making foolish decisions if you give yourself some time.

A person will never reach his destination if he doesn't remember where he came from.Filipino pro

It is important to show gratitude to those who came before you.You are where you are today because of them.

As your muscles become sore before they become strong, sacrifice must be made in order to achieve your goals.

Blood cannot be drawn from a stone.You expect a person to give something that he or she doesn't have.Asking an uncharitable person for money is an example of appealing to an emotion that a person does not have.

When a group of people work together, they have strength.Each voice is weakened if they are not working together.

You lose, you snooze.You won't have control over the outcome if you're not paying attention.

Marriage is a commitment.You have to face the problems instead of running away when things become uncomfortable.

There are rocks beneath the surface of the water that show motion in the brooks and white water rapids.A deep river will look like it has a more still surface.People who appear calm on the outside may have strong passions beneath the surface.

When you see something done in an upstanding and excellent manner, imitate it.

People who spend their time doing what they say they will do less need to talk about it.Actions are more important than words.

Everyone has someone who is perfect for his or her personality.Before people meet their match, love takes time.

It takes very little energy to say that you will do something.It is more difficult to accomplish actions.

Which one will make more noise: a jar full of marbles or one that only contains one marble?A person who doesn't know what he or she is talking about will often put on more of a show than someone who relies on facts.A hollow container makes more noise when struck than a full one.

What goes around comes around.karma will make sure that a wrongdoer gets what he or she wants.

Being a trustworthy person who is silent at the right times is more valuable than eloquence.