70 Watt - Medium Base - Metal Halide is a Fixture Wattage.

A metal halide lamp is an electrical lamp or bulb that produces light by creating an electric arcs, combining a gaseous mixture of mercury and various metal compounds.This light is used in high bay lighting in warehouses, parking lots, and hangars because of their high output.Due to the fact that they use less energy to operate, most MHs are a thing of the past.

There are a variety of outputs for the lamps.They take more energy to operate thanLED Bulbs.The wattage of the lamp can be used to determine what bulb to use.

There are always advantages and disadvantages to light bulbs.There are benefits to using Metal Halides.

Compared to LEDs, the lamps are inefficient.Over time, the return on your investment will grow since LEDs require only a fraction of the cost to operate.There are other disadvantages to using MH Lamps.

Most gymnasiums, warehouses, and big box retail stores have always used metal halides lamps since they have a higher wattage output and produce the desired brightness for these commercial applications.Most manufacturers now offer high output retrofit kits to convert Metal Halides to LEDs.The LEDs use a fraction of the energy that the lamps need.Cost saving certifications such as Energy Star, DLC, and many others can be found in LED lamps.

Commercial applications are where the majority of MH lamps are found.There are many different options for retrofitting old Metal Halides to LEDs.Professional sports venues are replacing old lamps with LEDs to increase the standard of play and save energy.Replacing outdoor lights with LEDs can change the experience of professional sports.Other places to replace lamps are warehouses, parking lots, retail stores, and street or area lights.

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