8 steps to get gorilla glue off your hands

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One of the most difficult glues to remove is gorilla glue.The key to removing it isfoliation and oil.Stronger gorilla glue products that have had time to cure may need to be left to peel off on their own, but this should not cause harm.

To get dried Gorilla Glue off your hands, first try using a pumice stone or a knife-sharpening stone to scrub off the glue.Rub hand lotion, olive oil, or petroleum jelly onto your hands for several minutes if that doesn't work.Remove the glue with a butter knife or fingernails.Put slices of lemon or lime on the glue to see if it takes it off.If you want to remove stubborn glue, mix a solution of 10% washing soda, 2% liquid detergent, and 88% water and scrub your hands with it.There is information on how to remove Gorilla Glue.Did the summary help you?

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