9 Best Substitutes for Cream Cheese are listed on the New Health Advisory.

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These replacements for cream cheese are just as good as the real thing.The healthiest and vegan options for every day use are outlined below.

The substitute will depend on how you used the cream cheese.When we bake, we like to use cottage cheese, nut cream cheese or Greek yogurt, and we also like mascarpone on our bagels and toast.You can also find other foods on your bagel.

Cottage cheese can be used as a lower fat option for desserts and frostings if you add an equal amount of heavy cream to it.

Mascarpone is a great substitute for cream cheese to go on a bagel or toast.We like to add lemon juice or plain yogurt to make it taste more like cream cheese.

Almond or cashews can be used when cooking a soup or baking.It is also paleo-friendly.

It is a great alternative to cream cheese, and we have never tried it before.It's great when you're making frosting or baking, but we add a little honey to make it sweeter.

The same texture as cream cheese can be achieved with equal amounts of full-fat yogurt and full fat ricotta cheese.You will just want to add in heavy cream.

When making dips, sour cream is a great substitute for cream cheese, but it doesn't work well on bagels or frostings.

One of the healthiest alternatives to cream cheese is kefir, but it is not the closest in flavor or texture.Adding chia seeds to the kefir will make it thicker.We recommend just using it in dips.

Greek yogurt is a better substitute for cream cheese than it is.If you are making a substitute, you should use a recipe like this Greek yogurt frosting recipe.

Just like your normal cream cheese, they make soy and nut-based cream cheeses that are delicious and creamy.They are usually lower in cholesterol and fat.You can make your own cream cheese substitute by using cashews, macadamia nuts, almonds, or tofu cream recipes.This vegan cream cheese recipe is delicious.

Most grocery stores sell vegan cream cheeses.Daiya Cream Cheeze, Kite Hill Cream Cheese Style Spread, and Tofutti Better Than Cream cheese are our favorites.

Greek yogurt is a good substitute for cream cheese in a cheesecake.

We used Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese for the single serving cheesecake.It was just like having the real thing.

We love this light Greek yogurt cheesecake if you are looking for a light recipe.It is light and fluffy and less fat than a traditional dessert.

Substitutes for cream cheese can be found in the frosting.Cream cheese frosting can be made without cream cheese with Greek yogurt or vegan butter and vegetable shorting.

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