9 steps on how to test coax cable signal with multimeter

The signal from the radio or TV transmitter to the antenna is transferred using the RF coaxial cables.These wires are made from metal cords and metal braid mesh.Sometimes, due to the situations around, the coaxial cable gets damaged like a cut or crack in the layers of it.There is a risk to the working of the transmitter if this problem arises.

It is better to test the Coax cable if you feel that the working of the transmitter is not up to the mark.Here, I provide some reliable methods to test for loss of signal.Let the explanations begin.

There are a couple of ways to test the cable.I will explain them here.

When you have made the connections in your various rooms.It becomes difficult to find the path of the cable.Before testing the new TV or home theatre system, you need to trace the coaxial cable.The steps below will show you how to trace the cable.

To perform a tracing and testing of a coaxial cable, you can use a branded and standard tool.I will give you a brief description of the best coaxial cable tester and explorer.

The best coax cable tester and explorer is the VDV512-058 device from Klein Tools.

I hope this guide helped you.Let me know what you think.Let the other users know if you know of any other reliable method to test the cable.You can express your thoughts in the comment section.