99 Restaurant founder dies - Boston Business Journal, a passion to serve.

The Federal Employment Laws include the Family and Medical Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Employee Polygraph Protection Act.

Charlie wanted to create a restaurant that was more than a place that served great food.Charlie wanted to give locals a place to call home.A place where they could get good food at affordable prices and be treated well.

The culture at the Ninety Nine Restaurants was instilled by Charlie Doe long before the mission statement was ever written.Guests, team members, community and stakeholders are treated with respect at the Ninety Nine.

We're known for our hand-breaded Boneless Buffalo Wings, our signature Broiled Sirloin Tips, and our famous tall, frosted mugs of beer.All are served in a New England style and enjoyed with great family and friends.Simple, honest, genuine food.

The dining room is a great place to eat.Our community tables provide an energetic and lively atmosphere that is perfect for our famous Thursday Night Quiz.

The Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub serves more than 20 million guests a year in over 100 restaurants throughout the Northeast.We will continue to grow and take care of our guests just like we have always done.

New guests and regulars feel welcome because we treat them right.

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