A baby Breath Crown.

A baby's breath crown is a fun way to add some style to your outfit.A 1960s flower child look could be achieved by wearing a baby's breath crown to a music festival.You could include baby's breath crowns at your wedding.The accessories look very cute on a flower girl.In order to make a baby's breath crown, you will need to create a wire or stem base, attach flowers, and add more decorations.

Step 1: You can measure the head's diameter.

Measure the circumference of your head with a thin floral wire.Wrap the wire around your head to crown it.Use pliers to double the amount of wire.To make sure you have a sturdy base for the crown, you want to double the wire.This will allow you to make a crown.You can buy floral wire at a craft supply store.

Step 2: Put the wire in half and twist it.

You can find the middle of the wire by folding it in half.If you want to twist the wire all the way to the ends, place your index finger at the fold.A clean end with two equal lengths can be created by trimming the end of the wire.

Step 3: There is a hook at the end.

You will have a loop at one end where your finger was located after you twisted the wire.Make a hook by folding the other end.A larger or smaller hook can be used to adjust the circumference.It works well if you are making a crown that someone else will wear.The wire should be held in the shape of a crown by placing the hook through the loop.

Step 4: The wire needs to be wrapped with floral tape.

Wrap the wire tightly with tape.This will help to hide wire and give your homemade baby's breath crown a professional look.Extra tape should be put at the end of the wire.The wire can be poked while wearing it.Green floral tape can be used to blend in with the baby's breath.If the crown is being used in a wedding, you should match the tape with the wedding colors.Try gold or silver floral tape.

Step 5: The baby has breath stems.

You will need to cut a small amount of baby's breath to attach the flowers to the crown.Cut the stems so that they are the same length.You would like to leave a few inches of stem.It will be easier to attach the stems to the crown.If you want, you can make a small bunch of baby breath and attach it to the base of the crown.This will make the crown look bigger.

Step 6: Attach the flowers to the wire crown.

Attach a bunch of flowers to the crown with floral tape.The crown base has flowers along it.If you have stems sticking out from the crown, make sure to tape the entire stem.Attach the wire in the shape of a crown before attaching the flowers.It is more difficult to bend the wire into a circular shape once the flowers are on.

Step 7: Keep going around the crown.

Continue to tape baby breath around the crown until you reach the starting point.Make sure the flowers are facing in the same direction.You can place them close together.For a more bohemian look, you may want to place them farther apart.

Step 8: Pick a long bunch of baby's breath.

You need to choose a bunch of baby's breath that has a long stem in order to make a crown.The stem should be long enough to fit around your head.

Step 9: Attach the stem to the body.

Cut off the smaller bunches of baby's breath.You can either cut them with scissors or twist them off.The small bunches will eventually be attached to the crown.

Step 10: Use a small piece of tape to hold the stem in place.

Take a small bunch of baby's breath and tape it to the end of the stalks.Continue to tape small bunches of baby's breath to the stalks until it is long enough to fit as a crown.If you tuck in the stems with tape, you won't have any stems sticking out of the crown.

Step 11: A circle can be created.

When you reach the end of the stalks, bend it into a circle to create the crown.Attach the two ends with floral tape.You can fill in any gaps with baby's breath.Attach small bunches with floral tape.In order to make the base more stable, you can wrap a ribbon around the crown.

Step 12: Add some ribbons to them.

Ribbon or twine can be added to your crown after it's finished.Wrap the crown with ribbon or twine between the bunches of baby's breath.You can tie a bow by leaving tails of ribbon at the back.Pick a ribbon that matches the overall look of your outfit.

Step 13: You should include other flowers.

Adding flowers to the crown will give it a pop of colour.Baby's breath can still be the dominant look, but you may want to add a few small daisies or some greenery.The same way you attached the baby's breath, you can tape these additional flowers onto the crown.There are other flowers or greenery in the crown.

Step 14: There is a spray with water.

If you want to keep the baby's breath crown fresh, you should spray it with water.You may be making crowns the day before the wedding.A spray of water can help keep them hydrated.The flowers should be kept in the refrigerator.