A barbecue pit is needed.

It's possible to build a barbecue pit as simple or as complicated as you want.You can have a custom made pit in your backyard if you love barbecue.It can double up as a smoker, because it's more authentic than one that you wheel out every now and then.You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your own backyard pit, but you will get what you put in.If you take safety seriously, plan what you are going to do, and take some time with the construction, you could be enjoying barbecuing in your own pit this summer.

Step 1: It's a good location.

It's important that you have a good location for your BBQ pit.You don't want it too far away from your house so you have to carry all the food and utensils far, but you do not want to put it somewhere where the smoke will blow into your or your neighbour's house.Safety factors are more important than convenience elements.Place it away from overhanging trees, buildings and fences that could be damaged by smoke or fire.It should be placed on level ground if you are building it on the surface.

Step 2: Decide which pit to go for.

There are many barbeque pits to choose from, and you can even come up with your own design.You have the right space for one you like.You have the time to work on it if you can afford all the materials.Leaving something incomplete is nothing worse than leaving it incomplete.If they are good with their hands, rope in a few friends or family members.You can pay them back with grilled meat.

Step 3: Take out your plan.

The plans for a barbecue pit vary from simple to complex.Some plans to follow can be found on the internet if you are building it from scratch.If you don't have a lot of experience in building, it might be a good idea to start with a simple plan.To get a clear picture of the size and shape, lay it out on the ground.It's fine if you have a rectangular shape with sides that reach up to waist-height.Adding a cooling rack or smoker is possible.

Step 4: Receive your tools.

You don't need a lot of tools for this barbecue pit option.If you want to cover the pit when you aren't using it, you need to have a shovel, some bricks or cinderblocks, a grill, and a spirit level.You can use gravel, sand, paving slabs or excess bricks.

Step 5: A brick is turned vertically if a hole is dug.

The first thing you need to do to make a basic barbecue pit is to dig a hole large enough to cover your grill in your backyard.A basic pit is the depth of one brick or cinder block turned vertically.You can either make it bigger or smaller and use it as a smoker.A square is the easiest shape to use.

Step 6: Cinderblocks and bricks can be used to secure the sides.

Knock in bricks around the edges of the hole to give it a solid structure.It's a good idea to use some mortar to fix it in place and make sure the bricks don't fall into the hole.You can look at pictures online to see how it will look.It's a good idea to put bricks along the sides of the pit to make it more secure.

Step 7: Check it's level.

To make sure the pit is level, lay a spirit level over it.If it's too big for your spirit level, you can put a plank of wood over the hole and make it bigger.Put your grill over the top of the pit to make sure it doesn't slide off to one side.

Step 8: Extra touches can be done with slabs and gravel.

If you place some slabs around the edges of the pit on the grass, you can clearly see where the barbecue is.It's an excellent way to make it more of a feature, and you can be creative with how you lay it out.A wildfire is the last thing you want when having a barbecue.You should clear the grass from the edges of the pit if you don't do this.The base of the pit can be spread with gravel or masonry sand to make sure you don't burn wood on the soil.

Step 9: The grill must be set up.

It is time to add the gridiron to your project.You can lay your grill across the hole now that you have your formation set up.Adding bricks or cinder blocks around the edges will hold it in place more securely.

Step 10: Don't forget to get your equipment.

All you need to make an above-ground pit is some bricks or cinderblocks and a grill.If you are building it high above the ground, you will need a steel sheet.This is a job that is very easy to do, but you still need to take care with the construction and follow the safety precautions as you would with a more complex Barbecue pit.The size of the pit you want to build will affect how many cinder blocks or bricks you need.

Step 11: The site needs to be prepared.

You need to prepare the ground before you put it in a safe place.To clear the space and make sure the ground is level is the main job.If you don't level the grill, it will end in disaster.

Step 12: Your layers need to be built up.

You should lay out the bricks or cinderblocks according to the plan you have drawn up.Measure everything and make sure it's stable as you go.You need to rethink if it doesn't seem stable.The ground isn't level enough for the blocks to sit easily.You can either build them in a circle or a regular-sided shape.You will need more tools, like a chisel and hammer, to cut the blocks.

Step 13: There is an optional shelf.

You don't want the coals to be too far away from the grill if you're building it high.When using a stand-alone barbecue, think about how low you drop the grill over the coals.Adding a steel shelf two bricks below where you will be putting the grill is a good way to take account of this.

Step 14: The grill must be secured with the extra layers of brick.

You can add two more layers to the same pattern once you have installed the shelf.Adding bricks around the edges of the grill will help keep it in place.

Step 15: You have a plan you are confident in.

You will need good plans and plenty of time and material to build a brick barbecue pit.You will need to use mortar to fix the bricks, so make sure you are comfortable with it.It's not easy to knock down a fixed aboveground barbecue pit again.

Step 16: Everything you need is in one place.

These pits require a lot of equipment and technical skills.You will have a shovel, cement mix, bricks or cinderblocks, fire tray, grill, as well as a spirit level and water.You will need metal braces to attach the grill to the bricks.

Step 17: Take out the foundations.

A big brick barbecue needs good foundations to support it.It is possible to use a base of stone and sand like the more simple versions, but it is recommended that you prepare solid foundations for a large fixed pit.To pour concrete in the area where you are building the barbecue, you will need to dig down around four inches.You will need to leave for 48 hours.It's a good idea to have a slight slope so the rain won't collect on top of the concrete.

Step 18: The bricks need to be build up.

The bricks need to be built around the sides with the help of the trowel, mortar, and hand tamper.Take time to keep it nice and neat.Before you start, be sure to have all your bricks and cinderblocks with you.Remove the excess mortar that is squeezed out from between bricks by putting bricks in the corners first.If there are gaps, fill them with excess mortar.The new bricks should be placed on top of the old bricks with a layer of mortar.If you haven't done this before, be sure to look at the brick laying instructions.

Step 19: Attach the braces for the grill.

Attach the metal braces at the appropriate places on the top layer of bricks after you have got your bricks up to the height you want.This should set quickly, but don't leave it.Attach the grill across the top once it is set.

Step 20: It has been finished.