A Bartending job is available.

It is not always an easy task to keep working til the lights go out.Before you apply for a bartender job, make sure you have mastered the basics and know how to serve drinks.Learn how to get a job as a bartender.

Step 1: Understand how to make drinks.

Basic bartending skills are required in order to make drinks that look and taste like they were made by a professional.If you want to learn the following techniques, practice them until you memorize them.Before you start looking for a job as a bartender, you should know some basics.This involves mixing and chilling drinks.It's straining.Cocktail shakers have strainers that you can use to strain the ice from the liquid.Stirring.To make sure the drink doesn't get watered down, there's a proper way to do this.It was confusing.This involves pressing the flavor from fresh ingredients.Blending.You will need a blender to make drinks.

Step 2: Pick the classics.

You can learn how to make the most popular drinks by learning about different types of alcohol.The type of drinks you'll need to know how to make depends on where you work, a high-end urban bar might focus on specialty martinis, while a college bar may serve a lot of Irish car bombs.No matter where you work, you'll need the most popular standards.Basic mixed drinks include a whiskey soda, greyhound, orange juice and vodka, Jack and coke, gin and tonic, and so on.Other highballs include a bloody Mary, dark and stormy, fuzzy navel, melon ball, and Alabama slammer.A White Russian, a godfather, and a peppermint patty are some of the lowballs.Martinis, Manhattans and Rob Roys.Tropical drinks include pina coladas, daiquiris, and hurricanes.There are shots like a lemon drop, slippery nipple, Jger bomb or an orgasm.Other cocktails include a mint julep, a mojito, or an Irish coffee.

Step 3: Bartenders are in action.

There are a few things you can do to save time behind the bar.You can watch how your mixer handles drink orders.The most popular drinks are liquor and a mixer.If you want to learn about the more complex drinks, buy a drink manual.

Step 4: Do you want to go to school to become a bartender?

They will teach you how to make drinks and give you an opportunity to practice.Make sure the school you choose has a real working bar.Bartending requires speed and dexterity.There is no substitute for hands on training.

Step 5: You can apply for jobs on the internet.

There are a lot of bartending jobs out there.Keep a list of the jobs that appeal to you.You can either submit a resume online or come in for an in-person interview.If you're worried about not having enough experience, that shouldn't stop you from applying.You may get hired if you've practiced your skills as a bartender.Make sure your resume is up to date.You should highlight any customer service experience you have.Any type of restaurant work is a plus.Some establishments prefer to hire people with no experience because they won't have bad habits.The cover letter and resume needs to be exciting and have personality.Every time, a great personality and attitude will elevate you above the competition.

Step 6: Ask the managers at the bars.

Start talking to the owner of the watering hole if you have a favorite one.Let the bartender, barbacks, and cocktail waitresses know that you're looking for a job.Go often and be a useful presence at the bar.When a position opens up, the manager will be happy to hire you.

Step 7: Look for guest bartender jobs.

This option is now offered by many big cities.You pick a charity, promote the event, and bring your friends in.You and a couple friends will get to mix drinks all night in exchange for this.It's a good way to make contacts.It could lead to a job if you impress the bar owner.

Step 8: Prepare well for the interview.

A lot of job applicants don't know what to expect in their job interviews.You will not get the job if you look at bartending as a quick fix and don't need to prepare.Just like you would for any job, show up to the interview with a positive, friendly attitude and respect for the position.Wear the part.When interviewing for a job, your appearance will be a factor.If you want to work at a fancy restaurant, dress nicely.If you want to work at a hip club, dress up.Dress tough for a dive bar gig.Whether they tell you that or not, most bars are going for a certain look.You should be ready to show your skills.Don't show up without knowing how to make a martini.

Step 9: Be pleasant.

Your lack of experience won't matter if you have a fun, charismatic personality.A lot of jokes can be cracked with some funny anecdotes.Make it clear that you love telling stories and talking to people.

Step 10: Act in a way that is responsible.

There is a lot of responsibility involved in a bartender's job.You have to open and close the bar, handle cash and credit cards, and serve people who have had enough to drink.Show that you're mature and capable of handling situations that arise late at night when alcohol is flowing.