A basic guide to t-shirt vinyl and heat transfer film is available on Amazon.

Are you overwhelmed by the variety of vinyl?Do you not know which vinyl to use on a mug, wood, shirt, or glass etching?This is the post for you.You can learn about the different types of vinyl.The links in this post help to support the site at no extra cost to you.

When you're just starting out in the wonderful world of vinyl crafts, it can be overwhelming.

I got a grab bag full of random vinyl pieces from one of my favorite online vinyl shops years ago, when I was just starting to figure out this whole vinyl crafting thing out.It was a great way to try out a lot of different types of vinyl on the cheap, but I had no idea how to use any of them.I don't know what type of vinyl to use for shirts.Which vinyl works best on wood?What type of vinyl is that?I had no idea.

After lots and lots of vinyl crafting, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on it, and I want to share that with you all.I can help you figure out which vinyl to use for your project.There are different types of vinyl.

To find all of my vinyl resources for beginners, be sure to check out my Vinyl 101 page.

There are two basic types of vinyl.There are different types and styles within the two larger categories.

A thin flexible material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be cut in any design and applied to all kinds of smooth, hard surfaces is called a sticker vinyl.HTV is a similar material with a heat-activated adhesive that is designed to work with fabric surfaces that can stand the heat.Both types of vinyl can be found in rolls or sheets.

I hope this little explanation will help you figure it out if you happen to be in the same situation as me, holding a piece of vinyl and not sure what it is.

When the backing on the vinyl is peeled off, it will be sticky to the touch and come in a variety of colors and finishes.Heat Transfer Vinyl does not have a paper backing.HTV has a clear plastic carrier sheet that covers the vinyl.The other side of the vinyl is not sticky or tacky to the touch, and this is the side that you will cut on.

You know what the two basic categories of craft vinyl are, but there are many different types within each category.We will move on to heat transfer after talking about some of the different types of vinyl.

Some of the vinyl is meant for permanent, outdoor application.Although not always, permanent outdoor vinyl has a glossy finish.

It's a good idea to use permanent outdoor vinyl for outdoor signs, car decals, mugs or other items that will go through the dishwasher.A lot of permanent vinyl has a glossy finish, but not all.Permanent vinyl can be removed, but it can do damage.One of the most popular brands of permanent outdoor vinyl is Oracal 651, which you can purchase from Amazon, Swing Design, Consumer Crafts, and I have even seen it in my local Michaels.An extra long lasting permanent vinyl is called oracal 751.If you want your products to last a long time, this may be your best bet.

Any time you want a temporary application,removable indoor vinyl is a great choice.The vinyl has a matt finish.You can find this type of vinyl at Swing Design, as well as at Amazon.

It's possible to useremovable vinyl for your first project.It is easier to work with because it is not as strong as permanent vinyl.

There are other kinds of vinyl.You can find fun, specialty vinyls in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles.When purchasing a product, be sure to check the description to see if it has a permanent orremovable glue.Some of the types you might want to try are listed.

There are a lot of options.The most important thing to consider is the type of vinyl you want to use, do you need aremovable one or something that will stand up to sun, water, and lots of handling?Once you have decided if you need a permanent orremovable glue, you can pick any color or style that has that type of glue.

There are lots of different colors and styles of heat transfer or iron on vinyl.I recommend Siser Easyweed because it is easy to work with, comes in tons of colors, and washes and wears well.Siser Easyweed can be found at Swing Design.You can check out a few different types of HTV with smooth Iron-On material.

All iron on vinyls should work on all fabrics and materials that can stand up to the heat of your iron or heat press, so when choosing an HTV you should consider the look you want.Some types of vinyl will work better than others.It works best with designs made up of smaller pieces rather than large stretches of vinyl when it comes to holographic and metallic vinyl.Similar to stretch vinyl, it works better with stretchy knit, ribbed, or athletic fabrics.If you follow some simple guidelines, your finished piece will stay looking good for longer.

That was a lot, right?Hopefully you have a good idea of what type of vinyl you need after reading about it.

The basic rule is if your surface is hard and smooth.Go with the vinyl that comes with it.clothing, shoes, books, tote bags, etc., if your surface is soft and can tolerate heat.It is best to use heat transfer vinyl.

There are exceptions to the general rule.I like to use heat transfer vinyl on wood because it is easier to apply and it looks better than painted wood.You can read all about it here.

Now that you know which vinyl to use for your project, check out my post on the best places to find cheap vinyl, to make sure you are getting it at a good price.You can leave questions in the comments.

Do you have a booklet or catalog?I love this post because I am new and trying to figure things out.

Hello Isabel!I hope to have a guide up soon, I have been working on it.

Let us know when the guide is ready.I think yours is the easiest to understand.I don't want to have to print all the ads to get this guide.Thank you Louilbse.

I am learning.I find your information easy to understand.I will purchase a guide when it comes out.

Thank you for sharing.It was a huge help.I know where to start.I'm looking forward to your guide as well.Again, thank you.Wendy.

I'm a true beginner.What is the meaning of "easier to weed"?Thanks for the explanations that are easy to understand.?

Weeding is the process of removing excess vinyl from a design.I like flocked vinyl because it is a bit thicker and the cut lines are easy to see.It is more difficult to weed glitter vinyl heat transfer vinyl as the cut lines are harder to see and it tears a bit more easily.I hope that helps.

Hi!I'm trying to put a logo on a water bottle, but it cracks no matter what kind of bottle I use.Is it possible to apply something to a rubbery surface?If that will help, I can send pictures.

You will want to use heat transfer or iron on vinyl for t-shirts.Here is my beginner's guide to working with heat transfer vinyl.

I bought a bundle on black friday and got way too much.Is there anything I can do to make it more permanent?I read that it comes off easily.I would like to use it for ornaments and glasses.Advice is appreciated.

I can't say for sure, but I've never used spray glue or sealant with Oracal 631.It might work with ornaments, but I don't think you will have a lot of luck with glasses or anything that needs to be washed.It should work well for most decor projects.Good luck!

Adding a design to fabric won't work in the heat of HTV.The fabric is made from spandex and polyerster.Is there something you recommend?

Thanks for the guide to vinyl.It makes opening my box easier.Do you have any favorite sources for vinyl?

I own a lot of vinyl.Is it possible to iron designs on fabric?Do I need to use heat transfer vinyl?

You need to use heat transfer for fabric applications.It will be like a sticker if you stick an sticker onto fabric.You must use iron on or heat transfer vinyl if you want the design to bind with the fabric.

The article about how to use vinyl was very helpful.I need all the help and information that I can get.The article was easy to understand.Thanks a lot!I'm looking forward to receiving your newsletters.

Is it possible to use heat transfer vinyl on mugs and heat press them with the cup attachment?I bought the new cricut premium vinyl thinking it was permanent as I wanted to add it to a cereal bowl, but it turns out it is theremovable matt kind.I don't know if that will work or if I need to buy the permanent kind.?

You can use heat transfer vinyl.I want to get a post up about that.I will try to get it done soon, but you can use HTV on any surface that can stand the heat.If you want to learn how to apply heat transfer vinyl on wood, you can check out my post here.If you are going to be washing and handling things, I would use permanent adhesive vinyl.

Thanks for the tips!I don't know if it's the vinyl or transfer tape, but I'm having a hard time getting it to stick to the transfer.I have to work at every single letter to get it to come off the transfer tape and stick down.Could it be the same thing?The bigger the text, the easier it is to read.I don't know what I'm doing wrong.I want to know if the type of tape I am using is vinyl or transfer tape.

It could be a problem with the transfer tape or the vinyl.Which brands are you using?Are you using a permanent glue?It should grab the mug.To get a nice clean surface to start with, you may want to try cleaning the mug with rubbing alcohol.You are making me realize that I could probably add another section about this, so thank you, I have noticed that getting vinyl decals to come up off the paper backing is making sure you are getting a good kiss cut.You want your cut to go through the vinyl and not the paper backing.It's more difficult to get the decals off the backing and onto the transfer tape if your cut is deep and you cut into the paper backing as well.

I'm curious if you know the difference between the Oracal 813 and the other ones.The 651 and 631(matte) interchangabley are great for making vinyl stencil on wood.I saw a lot of people using the 813, which seems to be less sticky, and I think it's more expensive.I don't know if I'm missing something.What is the draw for the 813?Does it work better if I pay more?THanks!

I have begun to make coasters.Seeing vinyl pieces together is what that means.So far, so good.When my sewing machine told me it needed a break, I looked at the vinyl scraps and thought they could make great ornaments.There are keyrings or magnets.Many don't need further cutting as they create wonderful shapes by themselves.There is a problem.I need to be able to glue them together.I have tried glue.The glue does not hold.Even though gorilla glue is better for strength, it still turns white when I try to remove it.I hated to lose the pieces that were striking.It doesn't seem like my vinyl is on the same page as yours, I've been using several types of vinyl.Can you help?

Hi!I would like to thank you for this website.This post has become the light at the end of the tunnel for me because I have been confused with all the different choices and opinions people have on what we should and shouldn't use.For my question, now.I started a project a few weeks ago and have been stuck on the printing part of the project, so I was wondering if you could give me some advice.I need to print something on a tire cover.I already have the tire cover for the design.My problem is 1.I don't know what type of vinyl is best since it needs to be waterproof, and 2.Where can I find a design that fits those dimensions?Over 20 printing companies have said they can't help me.Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.Craft on,Alicia.

Hi,Alicia!Are you trying to print a design or cutting one to apply to the tire cover?If you are cutting a design and applying it to the cover, and it is leather, I would go with a heat transfer vinyl and if you use a Silhouette, you will have to cut the design in two pieces.I hope the techniques I used in this post help with that.Good luck!

You are a lifesaver.The first page I opened was yours, and the last one I read was the opening paragraph.You page answered questions that I didn't know I had yet, as I was picking up our dye sub printer and vinyl cutter plotter tonight.Thanks for sharing what you have learned and allowing others to do the same.

Thank you so much!The website has been helpful.I am giving you a hug!Thank you!

Thanks for the great tips about the different types of vinyl.I am also new to this world.I was wondering if I should use heat transfer vinyl with my iron since I don't have a heat press.You mentioned heat transfer or iron on vinyl a couple of times.Is it the same thing?I would love to hear from you.

Is it safe to use vinyl for craft projects?I am interested in using them for coffee mugs and wood engraving, but have been reading about the toxicity of using vinyl and dangerous fumes, so just wanted to hear your take on it.Thanks!

I tried to put vinyl on the glass.I feel like the vinyl could get pulled off easily.You can see the streaks on the glass now that I've sealed it with dishwasher safe mod podge.You can't tell the difference between the vinyl and the glass.Is there a better way to seal it so that you don't notice the difference between the glass and vinyl feel?Are you supposed to be able to feel the vinyl on most glasses?

I would love to be able to print it out.It is easy to understand.Thanks.I have saved it for future reference.

Is there a way to use htv on jean jackets?I have trouble getting the htv to stick.

Wow!Thank you so much for sharing!I was in the process of buying vinyl for my business.Something told me to do some research, but I was reluctant to read it.You are going to die!Thank you so much!!

Thank you for the information!Do you recommend heat transfer or vinyl for printing on a leather luggage tag?

I've been to the craft store 3 times this week and left out of frustration.I couldn't find the right type of vinyl to choose from.Your posts are thorough.I now have detailed resources for working with vinyl, thanks to the information.Thanks for your posts, they are life saving!

I received a pack of vinyl for a Silhouette cutter as a Christmas gift, but I have a Cricut can that I can still use.I can still use it for certain projects even though it is sheets and a little thinner.

Hello!I am trying to make a decals for my watch band, but can't seem to get any vinyl to stick to it.The band is used on fitness watches.Is there any advice?!

I am doing a project on wine glasses using oracle paper.I have a problem with the word stencil coming off after the cricut.Since there are no letters left, I cannot weed it or use the transfer paper to adhere it.The paper is not working for me.What should I do differently?

I think I have everything I need to start.Paper studio had 50% and the 1212 sheets were $1.25.I bought 7 because I remembered remov vs perm, but I didn't intend to buy it at this point.I tried to find a website but all the links take me to vendors that sell P/S, like Michaels, or Amazon, can anyone help me?

The most helpful article I have read so far is this one.Thank you.Do you have a printed document with this information?

I want to add a temporary frame around each of the pictures I am putting on the walls, but also use vinyl.What is the best way to do that?Is there anything in narrow strips?

Thank you so much for sharing!It helped clarify many questions I had in my mind.I just got a cricut maker and I am very excited to use it.

If the shoes are made out of canvas or vinyl, I would recommend HTV.There is a post on that here.

When it comes to vinyl, this post has helped me clear up a lot.I'm looking for suggestions on which type of vinyl to use in a bathroom where it tends to get wet.Thank you a million!!

I work at a daycare and would love to do circle dots on the floor, what vinyl would you suggest for that?The tile is used in the school.

I would try a small permanent glue in a corner to make sure it doesn't damage the flooring, but I think that would be the way to go.It might work as well.Try to get a piece of each and see how they hold up.

There is permanent vinyl with gold for the horn and black for eyelashes.You can get started with a vinyl 101.There is something.

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