A bath is a good place to take a relaxing bath.

The ancient practice of taking a bath is still practiced today.The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used to take baths.Taking a bath can be an excellent way to relax.If you want to take the perfect bath, consider all of the things that will make you relax.

Step 1: There are materials that need to be gathered.

You forget your towel when you sink in the tub, that's the most annoying thing.Before you get into the water, gather whatever you plan on using in the tub.There are things to consider having, such as scented bath oil, face mask, hair products, and candles.

Step 2: Place candles and light them.

As they create a softer, more ambient light, candles are great for relaxing.An extra relaxing aroma can be added to your scented candles.Pick a scent that relaxes you.Suggestions include lavender or something similar.Place candles in a safe place.They should not be placed near paper products, towels, or draperies.If you put candles around the tub, be careful not to burn yourself on them.Don't knock them into the water.If you want to avoid wax drips, use candles in jars or holders.

Step 3: Enjoy music.

Music can be very relaxing.It can help you relax.Take a bath and play music.You can buy waterproof speakers that stick to the side of the tub or shower.Don't bring electronics into the bath.Water can damage electronics.If you want to play music on your phone, try setting it on the sink or another dry area.

Step 4: Place towels or a bathrobe.

You don't have to look for them when you get out of the tub.Warm up your towels in the dryer.Hang your towels above the heat vent in your bathroom to keep them warm.They may cause a fire hazard if they are placed directly over a heat source.

Step 5: Your skin should be prepared.

If you don't plan on getting your hair or face wet, you can use a face mask or exfoliant on your skin.Before you get into the tub, put this on your face.There are many ways to make a face mask.An avocados and honey mask is very easy to make and contains many healthy vitamins and minerals.

Step 6: You should announce your intentions.

It can be hard to get time to yourself if you live with others.You should tell the others in your household that you are going to take a bath and want some time alone.It will help you relax and mitigate intrusion.The door should be locked for extra privacy.

Step 7: Start with a clean tub.

A dirty tub doesn't make for a relaxing bath.Start with a clean tub.Baking soda is a quick way to clean a tub.This cuts through soap scum.Adding water and a cup of baking soda will make a paste.Let the paste dry in the tub.Make sure to wipe the baking soda out with a warm sponge.

Step 8: Run cold, not hot, water.

The temperature of the water should be warm enough to relax you but not too hot to burn you.Try to get a temperature between 95 and 101 degrees.The drain should be closed and the tub filled.

Step 9: Give your bath water a boost.

Add bubble bath or oils while the water is running.The bubbles will be dispersed by the running water.The oil may sink to the bottom of the tub if you wait until the water is off.Pick a scent that makes you feel good.Good smells may be honey, almond, lavender, sea salt.

Step 10: Adding salts is a good idea.

You can use bath bombs to relax.Pain relief, stress relief and skin care are some of the benefits of salt baths.Bath bombs come in many different colors.They are easy to make and can be used in a bath.

Step 11: Go into the tub.

Once the tub is full of warm, scented water, slowly get into it and lower yourself into the water.Areas may be slick.If you want to rest your head against the tub, you can use a waterproof bath pillow or hand towel.Relax by placing the towel or pillow behind your neck.

Step 12: Close your eyes.

This will help you relax.If you breathe through your mouth and pursed lips, you can meditate.This will help you relax.If you want to get your hair and face wet, dip your head in the water.Don't fall asleep if you get too relaxed.This can cause you to drown.

Step 13: You should avoid electronics.

You don't want to be distracted by the outside world.Don't leave electronics in the bathroom or away from reach.This is a good time to be alone.You can use your phone to listen to music.Try not to use it for internet browsing or checking e-mail.

Step 14: You need to finish your bath.

Get out of the bath when you are sufficiently relaxed and the water is not cold.Wrap yourself up and dry off.It's a good idea to put lotion on your body.This will make your skin moist.If applicable, wash off your facemask.

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