A bathtub drain needs to be cleaned.

A dirty bathtub drain can cause a lot of problems.If you want to maintain it, you should use boiling water and baking soda.If you have let the gunk build up, you may have to manually remove it from the pipes before you can clean it.If you follow the correct steps and have the right equipment, you can clean your bathtub drain. Step 1: You can open the drain stopper. Water can go down your drain if you hit the switch on your tub.If water is slow, or your tub fills up and doesn't drain, you have to clear the drain before you can clean it. Step 2: The pot of water needs to be boiled. Bring a pot or kettle of water to the boil on your stove.The hot water can remove soap scum and loose hair from the drain. Step 3: The water should be poured down the drain. The boiling water can be poured directly down the drain if you have metal pipes.This should be done at least once a week to get rid of soap scum and gunk left over from bathing. Step 4: The drain stopper needs to be removed. Depending on the type of tub you have, there are different types of drain stoppers.Some stoppers, like a push-pull one, require you to remove screws from your drain, while others only require a screwdriver to pull it free.To clean the inside of your drain, you'll need to remove the drain stopper. Step 5: Let the baking soda sit in the drain for 20 minutes. To measure out a cup of baking soda, use a measuring cup and pour it down the drain.The odors coming from the drain should be absorbed by the baking soda. Step 6: You can remove gunk from your drain with a bottle brush. Get a bottle brush that is at least 1.25 inches in diameter and stick it into the drain pipe.You can remove gunk from the inside of your drain by moving the brush up and down.The brush can be used to remove the dirt and hair from the drain. Step 7: A pot of boiling water is needed to flush the drain. To flush the baking soda down the drain, fill a large pot with boiling water and pour it down your drain.You may need to repeat the steps again once you are done.If you want to further deodorize your drain, you can boil it. Step 8: The drain stopper needs to be removed. Either remove the screws that are in the face of the drain stopper or pull it out completely.To pull the gunk and hair from the drain, you'll need to make sure that you can access the vertical pipe that runs from your drain. Step 9: Use pliers or a plastic snake to remove gunk and hair. You can buy a plastic snake with teeth from a home improvement store or use pliers.Try to get any hair or dirt out of the drain by working your tool into it.Pull the hair and gunk from the drain with your tool and then use your fingers to pull the rest of it out.Continue until you remove the hair from the drain. Step 10: You should rinse and wipe down the bathtub. Run water into your bathtub if you want to dispose of hair or gunk in a waste bin.Before wiping down the tub and getting rid of any debris that you pulled up from the drain, make sure that the water flows down your drain. Step 11: The overflow drain faceplate needs to be removed. To plunge your drain, you'll need to remove the faceplate from the overflow hole.The overflow hole is usually under the spout of the bathtub.To remove the screws from the faceplate, use a screwdriver.There is a switch on the overflow drain that can be used to open or close it.In this case, you have to remove the entire drain. Step 12: Put a damp rag in the overflow hole. If you fill the overflow hole with a rag, you will be able to clear the drain.Try to make it as air-tight as possible by Shove a cotton towel or rag into the hole. Step 13: Put water in the tub. If the tub isn't already filled with water, fill it with 2–3 inches of water.Don't let your bathtub overflow. Step 14: You need to plunge your drain. Any obstructions that may be in the pipe can be lunged.Place the handle over the drain and press up and down.If the drain doesn't flush normally after 30 seconds, it's time to plunge.Continue the process until the tub empties.