A BBQ hat and apron can be made.

A great way to start a party is with a great barbeque.Without a hat or apron you may not get the respect you deserve.These instructions will show you how to make your own custom hat and apron.It won't change your grill skills, but it will help your BBQ image. Step 1: The pattern pieces should be cut. The apron neck strap, the top piece of the chef hat, and the ties for the apron are included.Good basic angles are as follows: the apron is 11 inches across the neckline, the chest is 21 inches, and the bottom line is 10 inches.The neck strap is 24 inches long and 3 inches wide.Two Apron ties are 2 inches wide and 56 inches long.The entire piece of the hat is 20 inches in diameter.It is equivalent to your head measurement in inches for the length and an additional inch for seam allowance.The width is 21.6 cm. Step 2: Put the apron pattern over the cloth and iron out any creases. Step 3: Take tailor's chalk and trace around the pattern. Step 4: The "wrong" side faces up if the material is flipped over. If you want, you can fold over a quarter-inch hem and sew it down. Step 5: Along all of the inside edges, do the same. After sewing it, make sure to press each hem. Step 6: Cut out the piece of fabric for the neck strap. Step 7: Press the piece with the iron. Step 8: Then, unfold it, fold it in half, and press those sides with the iron. Step 9: Pull the end pieces with the iron. Step 10: The corners of the strap should be clipped at an angle. Press the strap with the iron if you fold it in on itself.The strap should be sewn along all three ends. Step 11: Attach the strap to the apron. The pattern for sewing the strap is square. Step 12: To create the apron ties the same way as the neck strap, make them a little longer and not as wide. Step 13: Attach them the same way as the neck strap was attached, on the corner of the chest area and apron sides. The apron is done. Step 14: Cut the top piece of the chef hat from the pattern using the tailor chalk and scissors. Step 15: Stitch all the way around the edge of the pattern using the longest stitch length, but not at the end. Step 16: Cut out the hat band from the pattern with the help of the tailor chalk and scissors. Measure your own head to determine the size of the hat you will wear.The hat band should be adjusted according to the size. Step 17: Press with the iron after folding the cloth in half. Step 18: Place an inch seam allowance down both sides. Step 19: If you want to sew a seam down the side, fold the band "right" sides together. Step 20: To fold the band together, press the seam open with the iron. Step 21: Take the circle pattern with the loose stitching and pull the stitch until it's the same size as the band you created. Step 22: Press the bottom edge of the circle against the pin. Step 23: If you want to sew the two pieces together, do this all the way around the open seams. You should catch the other side of the band as you sew.You're done! Step 24: Finished.

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