A bed has a short sheet.

When your tired victim is trying to get into bed, this is a fun and harmless prank that you can plan for the moment.The victim will not be able to get into bed because they are trapped in the fold of the sheet.You will have to know your victim's sleeping habits to execute it well.

Step 1: The bed has a top layer.

To access the fitted sheet, remove the comforter and any other top layer sheets.When the bed has both a fitted and a flat sheet, this prank works.You'll have to find another prank if your victim sleeps without a flat sheet.Place the top sheets on a piece of furniture if you don't want them to crinkle up.If the victim comes home to a wrinkled or ruffled comforter, they might suspect something.

Step 2: Put the sheet at the head of the bed.

You should spread out the flat sheet to make the bed.Instead of placing the sheet at the foot of the bed, tuck it into the head.The main part of the prank is this.Straighten the sheet so it rests on the bed.Ensure that the bed-maker's sheet isn't wrinkled, since it will be noticed.

Step 3: The bottom edge of the sheet needs to be folded.

Take the edge of the flat sheet and put it on the bed.Make it look like a flat sheet, with the edge resting under the pillows.Take note of how your victim folds their sheet, and try to emulate it.Some people fold their sheet to make it look neater.It is easy to hop into bed if you keep it folded in half.

Step 4: Don't leave the bed unattended.

Place the pillows, additional blankets, and/or bedspreads as usual.The fold you created will be covered by these top layers.You need to recreate the way the victim makes the bed.The folded sheet should be covered by pillows and blankets.To make sure the bed looks normal, do a quick inspection.

Step 5: You can hide in the room before the victim goes to sleep.

The person is trying to get into the bed.Their feet are trapped in the fold.If you see them struggling and confused, jump out and say "gotcha".

Step 6: Know the victim's sleep schedule.

You can do this if you live with the victim or share a room with them.You can plan around this time if you know the victim's sleep schedule.You have until 10:00 PM to make your move if they go to sleep every night.

Step 7: You can learn their schedule.

You should know when you should prepare the prank once you know their sleep schedule.You can use this time to prepare a prank if they go to school or work.If you talked to Jamie the previous night, he might be able to let you know if he's going to the grocery store tomorrow.

Step 8: Look at how they make their bed.

It will help if you know how the bed is made.The victim will be less suspicious if you make it appear normal.Don't look at them while they're dressing the bed.You should inspect the bed at a different time.A lot of people don't use sheets at all.The short sheet technique won't work if your victim uses a sheet.They should fold the inner sheet underneath the comforter.

Step 9: You can document the bed.

Some people have a visual cue.Before tampering with the bed, take a picture of it.You will have a visual cue to base the presentation on when you are making the bed again.

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