A bed is a good buy.

It is one of our most important functions to sleep.Going without sleep due to a creaky, uncomfortable bed can affect your feelings, health, and thoughts.The right type of bed is a big decision.The size of your budget, room, and body will affect your bed frame and mattress choice.You can find the most comfortable bed with a lot of research and testing.

Step 1: Purchase a inner spring mattress.

Almost every mattress store carries the inner spring model.This type of mattress has been used by people before.The coil count is what distinguishes the inner spring mattress.The higher the coil count, the lower the price.These types of mattresses are available in all price ranges.

Step 2: Buying a foam mattress is something to consider.

Memory foam mattresses are soft and conform to the body.It's good for people who want more softness.This type is more expensive than the inner spring type of mattress because it conforms to people's bodies.This can be positive for some people and negative for others.People with joint problems may prefer a foam mattress.Some people find that the mattress makes them warm.If your mattress is soft, you might want to look for a bed that is more firm.If you're in this situation, you may want to stick to an inner-spring type of mattress.

Step 3: Look at mattresses.

Air mattresses can be adjusted by the user.This is done with a pump.Sleep Number beds are the most popular type of air mattress.The beds can be controlled by remotes.The air pockets above the coil can be firm or soft.This mattress has a foam covering as well.You should consider an air mattress if you don't agree with the type of mattress you want.

Step 4: Consider some additional features.

Some mattresses have characteristics that you may want or need.You might want to make sure that the mattress you buy is eco-friendly.Do you know if potential mattresses were built to either the Global Organic Textile Standards or the OE Standards?If you feel uncomfortable or have pain, you may want a bed with a different position.You can rest at an incline with this type of bed.If you have a specific health concern, you might want to talk to your doctor.

Step 5: There is a size preference.

If you are alone, you might consider a twin.You might be alone, but you want more space.A full could be what you want.Couples prefer queen size and king size beds.Standard mattress sizes are Twin, full, queen, and king.If these sizes are too small for you, you may want to consider the California King size.An extra large mattress is 72 by 84 inches.The size of the bedroom is important.If it barely fits into the room, it's not going to be a good choice.

Step 6: You should test your mattress.

Lie down on the mattress.You should spend at least 15 minutes on the mattress.You want to make a sleeping situation similar to what you have at home.You need to change positions frequently in order to get a good night's sleep.Don't buy a mattress that is new.Make sure both people try the mattress before buying it.You can buy mattresses online.If you are looking to save money, these can be a great choice, but you will not be able to try them out.Make sure the company you buy from has a good return policy.

Step 7: Measure your room.

Measure the space where your bed will go with a tape ruler.Make sure the room has at least a few feet of space for the walls and furniture.The room size will affect the size of the bed.If you already have a mattress, placing it on the floor of your room will give you an accurate measure.You can see how much space the mattress will take up by doing this.This will help in choosing a bed frame.Common bed frame sizes are twin, full, queen, and king.A twin bed frame can fit in a small space.A space of 54 by 75 inches is needed for a full bed frame.60 by 80 inches is large enough for a queen bed frame.The king bed frame needs to be 72 by 84 inches.The EU and the United States have different sizes.If you buy a bed frame or mattress from a retailer in an EU country, you should be aware of this.

Step 8: You can measure your mattress.

The height of the mattress and bed sets is important.Determine if you need a high or low bed frame.If you have a mattress that is four inches high, you might want to consider a high bed frame.Your bed might be too close to the floor if you use a low bed frame with this mattress.It is difficult to get in and out of the bed frame if it is too high.You don't want a bed frame that is so low that your mattress is touching the ground.

Step 9: Determine if you want a bed.

Take a measurement of how tall you are.When you get into a bed frame that is too small, you will be banging your head and feet.Do you need a bed frame with a foot board?You can buy minimal bed frames in both wood and metal if you don't.

Step 10: A platform bed frame can be purchased.

The wooden slats on the bed frame hold the mattress up.Buying a platform bed frame is a good idea if you are looking for a smaller frame.You may not need a box spring with some beds.The platform bed frames are closer to the ground.There's no need for a boxspring if you prefer a simple look with the mattress resting on the slats of the frame.

Step 11: Purchase a bed frame with bottom storage.

You might need a bed that has more than one function.If your room is small, you might benefit from a bed that can hold your stuff.There is space under the bed for books, supplies, and other items.The place where you will put your mattress is usually where this storage area is located.This is a great option for rooms without a closet or small apartments that don't have a lot of storage space.There are bed frames with drawers.

Step 12: Pick a color and style.

Pick a frame that you like.Pottery Barn, West elm, Ikea and Restoration Hardware are décor magazines.Take notes about what you like.If you want to shop in furniture stores or box stores, choose your style.

Step 13: Don't hurry.

Give yourself time to buy a bed.Don't buy the first thing you see.You want to make sure you've done your homework.The quicker you make a purchase, the less likely you are to find a good deal.

Step 14: The right time to make a decision is now.

If possible, buy your mattress in May.In May or June, mattress companies come out with new models.Retailers mark down old models during these months.Labor Day and President's Day are good times when furniture stores have big sales.

Step 15: It's a good idea to be cautious when purchasing online.

It is a good idea to avoid buying a mattress online.If you slept on the mattress while staying with friends or at a bed and breakfast, you may be able to order it at discount online without too much worry.Since you won't be able to see the bed firsthand, you should be wary of online deals.

Step 16: You can compare shopping online.

You can find the best prices online after you test out the mattresses.It's important to include shipping costs and warranties.If you want a price reduction, you can bring the online price into the store and ask for it to be lowered.Go to several stores and create a comparison sheet.

Step 17: You should get a comfort warranty.

Ask the salesperson if they offer a comfort guarantee.If the bed is not comfortable, you can return it or exchange it.Ask for specific details if they do.You want to know if you have to exchange the bed or pay for it to be shipped back.This is usually included in the mattress price.Give preference to a retailer that gives a comfort guarantee.

Step 18: There are discounts to be searched for.

Look for discounts.Some stores will give you a discount if you buy a bed set.A box spring and mattress can be over $1,000.When you purchase both at the same time, most bed stores will make a deal.If you find that another store has a cheaper price for the same item, some stores will offer prices reduction.If it is possible to sign up for a payment plan, you should ask.

Step 19: You can consider interest-free financing.

Depending on your budget, you can go this route.If you think you can pay for the bed quickly, then you should not use an installments plan.Many furniture stores still offer installments if you can't pay up front.Ask the salesperson about this option.The plans are not the same.Stores will often ask you to go through a third party lender.These institutions will need to approve you for credit.Minimum purchase amounts and application fees are possible.

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