A beer was shot at.

Shotgunning is an easy way to finish a beer can.The process involves punching a hole in the bottom of the can, opening the tab, and letting the beer pour into your mouth.It is a simple process that allows you to drink quickly so make sure you enjoy your beer safely.

Step 1: The can of beer should be held vertically.

Hold the can in your hand or lay it on a table.The air bubble will be moved to the side of the can instead of at the top, which will result in less beer being wasted.A light beer can be used.It will be hard to drink a heavy beer quickly.

Step 2: Put the hole 1 in from the bottom.

You will be able to puncture the can with ease because the aluminum is soft.Due to its shape, the metal closer to the bottom of the can is more difficult to punch.Place the hole to the left of the tab if you are right-handed.If you are left-handed, hit the hole to the right of the tab.

Step 3: If you feel an air bubble under your thumb, you should tilt the can.

You can feel a pocket of air inside the can if you press on it.You know where you want to punch the hole if you push a small dent in the can.

Step 4: To puncture the can, you should use a key or knife.

Hold the end of the key over your finger.Push down so it pops a hole in one side of the can.Beer and foam will shoot out of the hole once it is punctured.You can use any sharp object to make the hole, but be careful not to poke all the way through the can.

Step 5: If you don't have a tool, push confidently.

As you push in, brace the can with your palms and fingers.If you move your thumb towards the bottom of the can, you won't have to worry about it.Don't be afraid to use your thumb.The can will open if you push hard from the beginning.Take your thumb out of the can with care.The metal could cut your finger.

Step 6: The hole should be the diameter of a dime.

To enlarge the hole, use the edge of the object you used to puncture the can.The sharp edges are inside the can.The bigger the hole, the easier it will be for you to drink the beer.If you have punched a hole with your thumb, the hole is large enough.

Step 7: Put your mouth over the hole

Bring the beer can to your mouth by keeping it horizontal.Make sure you cover the entire hole.

Step 8: The can should be tilt to a horizontal position.

Most of the work should be done by gravity.If you don't have a hand on the tab, you will not be able to open the can.To make it easier, tilt your head to the side.

Step 9: With your other hand, open the tab.

Don't take the beer out until the tab is open.To pop the tab quickly, use your dominant hand.The tab should be opened so air can go through the can.If you want to drink faster, you can suck the beer out with your mouth.

Step 10: You should drink the beer as fast as you can.

Before you drink the beer, take a deep breath.You should tilt your head back to help pour the beer.It will come out quickly if you don't let too much fill your mouth.Move the can away from your mouth and dispose of it in a responsible manner once the beer is gone.You can easily pour it down if you keep your throat open.You will feel drunk fast if you drink a beer this way.To be aware of how your body reacts, set a limit for yourself.

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