A Bolo Tie is worn.

Bolo ties were created as a Western contradiction to the more common neckties on the East Coast.They were popular in the 1940s and 50s, and have become more common over the last 2 decades.If you are from the Southwest, you can easily pair a bolo tie with formal or casual clothing for a stylish look. Step 1: The button-up shirt is a classic. Beneath the collar of a button-up shirt is the most common way to wear a bolo.Bolos were created with a masculine influence in mind, but wearing one more casually allows for more femininity. Step 2: Pair the shirt with slacks or a skirt. If you wear a jacket, the pants should match it.Depending on the desire for a masculine or feminine feel, formal bottoms can help complete the look. Step 3: You can finish the ensemble with shoes. Formalwear can be completed with a close-toed shoe.You can wear shoes in brown or another color with lighter colored pants or skirts, but keep in mind that black pants look best with black shoes. Step 4: There is a matching bolo. You want to choose a bolo tie that will compliment the rest of your attire.Black is the most formal color for a bolo.Make sure the occasion is open to a bolo tie.Yes, rodeos.Interviews are probably not.The slides should be saved for more casual occasions.An animal-shaped slide is too loud for a date night. Step 5: Pull the slide up. The lower the slide, the less formal the look will be.The slide hides your collar button.The braids will fall naturally when they hit mid-chest. Step 6: Wear it with confidence. In Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, bolo ties are the official neckwear.No matter where you live, you can wear them.Be confident with your bolo tie.The slide has not started to fall during the evening.If that's the case, cut it back up. Step 7: Pick a bolo that suits you. You can get away with a little more of a style-statement for your look in this range of occasion.It's still a little on the classier side, but think of a classic turquoise stone. Step 8: You can choose a colored shirt. A button-up shirt will do best with a semi-formal bolo look.You can start to introduce some color.While not taking attention away from your bolo tie, solid colors will give that slightly more relaxed feel.A suit jacket may be too formal.Pick a vest that sticks with the Western feel. Step 9: The slide should be just below the top button. You wouldn't button your collar button in this scenario.This is where the slide should be.It doesn't look sloppy, but just like the buttoning of the shirt beneath, is still formal. Step 10: You can finish your look with pants or a skirt. A khaki chino pant or well-tailored jean can be good for a man.A good pair of jeans or a knee-length skirt can make a woman feel more relaxed. Step 11: It's a good idea to wear a casual shoe. You can wear a leather loafer, a boot, or even a clean sneaker in semi-formal. Step 12: Your bolo tie can be turned into a necklace. Go big for the most casual of looks.The more ornate your bolo and slide is, the more simple your clothing should be.You want a balance with accessories.The necklace will not be in addition to the bolo for the casual look. Step 13: Don't wear a collared shirt. Since the bolo was meant to be more formal, it makes sense to switch up the standards.The bolo can be made more like an accessory by wearing more casual tops with shorts or skirts. Step 14: Keep the slide low. The slide can be either up or down.It can look like a bolo if it is just above the ornamental tips. Step 15: You can match your accessories to the bolo. The bolo is your centerpiece.It is where eyes will be drawn, so make sure to balance and match your accessories.If the slide of the bolo is blue, a blue purse would look great.Bracelets or rings should complement the colors of the bolo, but not be so ornate that they distract from it.Leather accessories that match the color of the bolo's braid make for a nice pair.

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