A Bong can be cleaned.

The taste of a dirty bong is the same as a good smoke.There are some easy and reliable ways to clean your bong.To keep your bong clean, do a basic cleaning, get those tough areas and take good care of it. Step 1: There are supplies to gather. You'll need a sink or basin, coarse salt, rice, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and latex gloves to clean your bong. Step 2: Put the bong in the water and rinse it. You should empty your bong as well as you can while wearing your gloves.Remove any spent herb by pouring out old bong water.Give it a rinse with warm water to get rid of the particles.Put some of the warm water you're using in the bong part way. Step 3: Disintegrate your bong. The individual pieces need to be cleaned.The pipe and mouthpiece should be removed.You should check for damage when you take your bong apart.Before you use your bong again, you need to replace any damaged pieces. Step 4: Coarse salt and alcohol should be added to your bong. Adding an abrasive and a cleaner to the bong's base will allow them to clean the inside.It's best to use coarse salt and alcohol, but you can also use other things.The stronger the rubbing alcohol, the better.You should use one over 90%.If you want to skip the salt, you can use Formula 420.Proceed as normal after pouring it in. Step 5: Plug the holes and shake it up. To plug or block the open holes of the bong, use your hands, fingers, and thumbs.For the best result, shake it for about five minutes. Step 6: Do it again and again. Remove the cleaning solution from the sink and use the clean water to wash it out.It's usually enough to repeat the cleaning process as many times as you need. Step 7: Prepare your bong with warm water and dish soap. If your bong is dirty, it might be a good idea to put it in a sink, basin, or bathtub filled with warm water and a squirt of dish soap.Before you start the cleaning process, let your bong soak for an hour or two.The dish soap should be very conservative.If you use too much, your bong will make a soapy smell the next time you smoke. Step 8: Small pieces should be soaked in plastic bags. All of the small pieces of your bong should be put into bags with coarse salt.To completely submerge the pieces, fill the bag with rubbing alcohol.Allow the pieces to soak for several minutes after shaking the bags.They should be washed with clean water. Step 9: You can use a cotton swab. You can use either plastic cotton swabs or pipe cleaners to clean the nooks and crevices of your bong.Rub alcohol on them before they are scrubbed. Step 10: Lemon juice can be used to remove water stains. If you want to remove water stains from your bong, you should put some warm water and lemon juice in the base.You should rinse your bong out with cold water. Step 11: You can use the water in the bong. Water stains can form in your bong due to the minerals in tap and spring water.When you smoke, always use water with filters.It's a good idea to rinse your bong with water that is free of nitrates after cleaning it. Step 12: The water in your bong needs to be changed daily. If you change out your bong water on a daily basis, it will stay cleaner.mold can form when old water sits in a bong.This is gross on its own, but mold also means mold stains, which can make cleaning your bong a more extensive process. Step 13: It's a good idea to clean your bong once a week. This is a way to prevent mold from forming in the first place.It's important to keep your bong clean. Step 14: You can keep your bong in a bag or hard case. Since your bong is made of glass, it's susceptible to cracking and breaking if you aren't careful.It's a good idea to keep your bong in a protective bag or case when traveling.

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