A Bookkeeping Certificate can be obtained online.

If you work in the accounting or bookkeeping field, getting your certification in bookkeeping is a great way to show employers and clients that you are serious about your profession and committed to doing great work.With a busy schedule, an online certification gives you the freedom to complete the preparation and exams on your own time.You can get started by visiting the National Association of Public Bookkeepers website. Step 1: Gain at least one year of experience. The NBA requires candidates for certification to have worked in the field for a year.This will teach you how to use the fundamental information needed for your certification.The NBA doesn't differentiate between full time and part time in the field. Step 2: Take a practice test. The practice test will let you know if you are ready to take the exam.The topics are the same as the exam.To register to take the online practice test, go to certifiedpublicbookkeeper.org/free-certification-practice-tests.If you pass the practice test, you are ready to take the exam.It is possible to brush up on your skills before taking the exam. Step 3: Make sure you brush up on your study skills. If you have been in the workforce for a long time, you may have forgotten what studying for an exam is like.Make a study plan and stick to it if you didn't do well on the practice test.A notebook dedicated to your certification will help you keep track of your progress.This will help you decide when to take the exam. Step 4: Common exam topics can be reviewed with teaching videos from the NACPB. Pre-lesson tests and instructional videos are included in the videos that are free to members of the NACPB.If you need to brush up on your skills before taking the certification exam, they are a great resource.The structure and wording of the questions on the certification exam are given a good idea by the video quizzes. Step 5: You can get a discount on the certification exam if you enroll in the Bookkeeping Certification program. The information included in the certification exam is more in depth than the free videos.The course is self-taught and you can complete it at your own pace and include the price of the certification exam in the cost.If you don't have a lot of experience with hands-on bookkeeping, this is a great option.It gives you a variety of educational resources, including an online textbook, study guides, and exercises and practice tests.Although the course is online, you have access to an instructor who can provide additional support.The cost of the program for non-members is more than the cost for members.If you want to take the certification exam, the educational program is the best option because it does not include the price. Step 6: The exam is free if you pay the $150 fee. You will have to pay a fee if you don't take the educational program that includes the exam.You have one year to pass the exam after you pay the fee.The fee is discounted for NACPB members. Step 7: Pass the exam if you score at least 75%. The test takes two hours to complete.There are many different topics in accounting and bookkeeping covered in this exam.The exam includes topics such as the language of business, adjustments, accounting for sales, cash, payroll, general journal and ledger keeping, accruals and deferrals, and many more.You can pay to take the exam again if you don't pass it. Step 8: NACPB offers discounts and benefits. Members have access to free educational videos and practice exams.Membership includes resources that can help you get a bookkeeping license in the future.There is a one-day free trial membership that will give you access to member resources.You can decide if membership is right for you after your free trial.You are eligible to be a member if you are in a position that requires you to provide bookkeeping services to the public.