A bottle is a good place to make a message.

A fun craft is to make a message in a bottle.People have been sending messages in bottles for a long time.The idea of a person receiving your message in a different part of the world can be very exciting.If you send a message in a bottle, it could end up in the ocean. Step 1: You can remove the label. If your message in a bottle is mistaken for trash, you may want to remove the label.If you want to remove the label, place the bottle in hot water and let it sit for an hour.The hot water will loosen the glue on the label and allow you to peel it off.Some glue may need to be removed from the bottle. Step 2: The bottle needs to be cleaned. You can cover the opening of the bottle with your hand by filling it with warm soapy water.If you want to remove anything from the inside of the bottle, shake it up and down for at least 30 seconds.Pour out the soapy water and rinse the inside of the bottle. Step 3: The bottle needs to be dry. After removing the label and cleaning the inside, place the bottle upside down in a strainer and allow it to dry.It will take about an hour for the inside of the bottle to dry.The inside of the bottle can be dried overnight.If you want to dry the inside of the bottle more quickly, place it in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes.Allow the bottle to cool off before you remove it from the oven.If you want to dry the inside of the bottle, you can roll up a paper towel and put it inside.The paper towel should be left on the outside of the bottle so that it can be easily removed. Step 4: Write something. While the bottle is drying, start writing.A poem, a story, or an encouraging message can be written.As long as the message is positive, you should write whatever you want to say.It is highly likely that a stranger will read the message and be interested in it.If you are under the age of eighteen, do not include your age or phone number.You can add things that you enjoy.If you want to share your message with a stranger, you need to read it before you write it.Share something interesting because they may contact you years down the road.Sharing a love story is one of the reasons people send a message in a bottle. Step 5: Contact information should be added. You can use a Post Office Box number instead of your address.If you feel comfortable sharing with strangers, you can use an email address.The recipient can track you down and tell you where the message came from. Step 6: Make sure the message is secured. Place a small piece of tape around your message to keep it from unraveling.The message won't be destroyed when the recipient unrolls it.Make sure the entire piece of paper fits in the bottle after you drop your message. Step 7: A warning should be added. Use a permanent marker to write a message on the outside of the bottle, such as: "Do not throw this bottle away - message inside!"Make sure the words are legible. Step 8: The bottle should be re-corked. You can use waterproof glue and an insoluble material.The goal is to keep water out of the bottle.Pour melted wax onto the cork and place it back on the bottle for a stronger seal that is more likely to endure water and temperature changes. Step 9: You should test your bottle. Drop your bottle into the bathtub to make sure it doesn't sink to the bottom.If your bottle sinks to the bottom of the ocean, no one will receive it.You will need to find another bottle if it doesn't float. Step 10: Go to the ocean. The goal is to place your bottle in the ocean and hope that it reaches a far away destination.Check the rules.The rules in your county may allow you to send a message in a bottle. Step 11: Wait for a reply. All you have to do is wait now that your bottle is in the world.Don't expect to hear from someone the following week or month.It could take a long time for someone to receive your message.If you don't get a response, be patient, it could happen years down the road.Bottles from the titanic survived for over a century.