A bottle tree is made.

A bottle tree is a popular type of sculpture for gardeners.Bottles were used in Egypt to capture spirits.African slaves were known to keep bottle trees near their quarters.You will need bottles and a wooden or steel tree to make your bottle tree.

Step 1: You should start collecting bottles for your bottle tree.

A 750 liter bottle of wine and spirits works best.Buying enough bottles to decorate a bottle tree can be expensive, so try to reuse as many bottles as you can.You can recycle old glass bottles.

Step 2: Preference should be given to blue bottles.

Blue is the best color for scaring spirits.Sky vodka bottles can be combined with almost any other bottle for a multi-colored bottle tree.

Step 3: The labels need to be removed.

If you don't want to advertise your drink, you can soak the labels in a mixture of water and vinegar.A similar orange cleaner can be used to remove stubborn labels.If the label is sticky, you should clean it thoroughly until the glue is gone.

Step 4: There are dead or dying trees on the property.

If you need to make a metal tree, your landscaping will determine if you can place bottles over the dead branches.

Step 5: Purchase a bottle tree frame if you don't have time to make one.

Amazon and eBay have bottle trees that hold between 10 and 30 bottles.

Step 6: Buy a bottle tree from a local artist.

It makes sense to invest in an elaborate design if you want a statement piece.If you don't want to spend a lot of money, make it yourself.

Step 7: A bottle tree is made from a fence post.

You can pour a concrete base by digging a hole.Allow the post to dry by putting it into the ground.There are holes in the tree.You must use a drill at a downward angle to extend each hole.There are metal rods of six inches to one and a half feet.You can buy metal reinforcing rods at a hardware store.Before continuing to the next rod, make sure it is secure.

Step 8: Rebar can be used to make a bottle tree.

This is a very popular choice because of its resilience in all climates.Rebar can be purchased from a construction recycling yard, a steel business or a large hardware store.The length of the rebar should be 1 to 1.3 cm.They can be different lengths to mimic branches.Purchase a metal collar that you can use to encircle your rebar branches.If you want to bend the rebar dramatically, rent a conduit bender.Place stakes in the holes where the rebar will go.The rebar should be driven into the ground with a stake hammer.If you want, you can put your rebar together.Before decorating it, make sure it is sturdy.

Step 9: The bottle should be put on the branch of the bottle tree.

To avoid blowing off in the wind, it should meet the bottom of the bottle.

Step 10: Don't decorate too much.

The weight of the bottles should be offset by adding a bottle on each side.

Step 11: The base of the tree should be strengthened if it begins to fall.

If the ground is not very compact, you may need to cement the tree.

Step 12: You can add new bottles to your bottle tree.

You can grow vines in the center of your tree.If you don't have enough blue bottles to make a tree, start with green or brown bottles.They should be collected and replaced throughout the years.

Step 13: You can make your bottle tree different.

There is great variation in the look and size of bottle trees.If you want, you can attach other glass or ornaments.

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