A boy is kissed.

Kissing a boy for the first time can be nerve-racking.The most intimidating part of kissing is knowing how to do it.Show him how you feel by flirting with him.Slowly move closer and wait for a lull in the conversation before making a move.When you're both ready, give him soft, sweet pecks and work your way up to French kissing. Step 1: There is a lull in the conversation. Timing a kiss can be difficult.It's best to wait for a lull in the conversation to get intimate.Stay close to him as the conversation dwindles on its own. Step 2: With him, lock eyes. It's a good idea to make eye contact before you go in for the kiss.It is easier to make a genuine connection when you look into each other's eyes. Step 3: The waters should be tested by kissing him on the cheek. You can always give him a kiss on the cheek if you're not sure about how he'll react.If you want to show him that you're in love, you can give him a quick peck after he says something sweet or prolong the kiss for a few seconds.Slow things down if he seems shocked or pulls away. Step 4: If you aren't sure, ask if you can kiss him. This might sound awkward, but it can be a sweet moment.If he doesn't like it, you'll avoid a rejection if he's not into it.I've had a great day and I would really like to kiss you right now.If you're feeling bolder, you can always ask, "Would that be okay?" Step 5: Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and tilt your head to the side. You don't have to keep your eyes closed, but it could be awkward to stare at him the whole time.It's best to keep them closed.Before you kiss, tilt your head to the side. Step 6: At first you should lightly and softly touch his lips. When you make contact, lightly rub his lips.Slow and gentle movements are what you should try to keep in mind.Keep your mouth closed.It's possible to ramp things up a bit if he seems to be enjoying it.If you put your lips into a tight pucker, you're not in the moment. Step 7: You can explore other ways to kiss him. It doesn't have to be on the lips.Try kissing him on the inside of his wrist, under his jaw, or on his earlobe.If you want to take it up a notch, try kissing him in the hollow place near his collarbone.Give him a kiss on the nose or forehead to catch your breath.Don't rush things.Move at a pace that is comfortable for both of you. Step 8: If it's clear that he wants to take things to the next level, try tongue-kissing. To get your tongue through your lips, open your mouth slightly.Pull your tongue back after running it over his lower lip. Step 9: Don't use your tongue too much. Slowly and softly pull your tongue out of his mouth.You can pull back his tongue if you touch it with yours.You should circle your tongue around him.The kiss might feel aggressive if you don't pull back occasionally.If you pull back, you have a chance to catch your breath. Step 10: Don't give him a hickey. A light bite on his lower lip is okay, but don't bite him or get your teeth involved in any other way.Gentle kisses on the jaw are great, but don't put your mouth in his neck like a vacuum hose.Most people don't like hickeys.Leaving behind visible traces of your make out session could get you in hot water with your parents.It should be kept low-key. Step 11: Explain to him your preferences in a gentle way. Don't suffer in silence if his kisses are more aggressive than you want them to be.whisper something like, "I like being kissed like this."Then, show what you like.He will appreciate the direction. Step 12: While you're kissing, put your hands to good use. Use your hands to make the kiss better.Try resting your hands on his shoulders, hips, chest, or sides of his face.You could try tying his hair up.If he is not comfortable with any of your touches, reel it in. Step 13: Try different techniques to keep things interesting. You can make the kisses faster as you get more comfortable.The intensity and speed can be changed.Don't settle into one technique for too long. Step 14: Leave him wanting more. It's ideal to end the kiss before it gets boring.He'll be looking forward to next time if you stop while it's still fun.Before you part ways, look into his eyes and smile. Step 15: Say hello when you see him. Try to have a more specific opening prepared to get the conversation going instead of just asking how it's going.Tell him what you're doing, ask about his plans, or make a joke.Asking open-ended questions that require more than a simple "yes" or "no" is important.You could say, "I heard you're going to the Winter Formal with a group of your friends."It was fun!What are you planning to wear?When the homework assignment was announced in History, I completely missed it.Can you help me? Step 16: You can find excuses to touch him. Light touches can help you break the touch barrier in a more romantic way.When you're talking to him, gently touch him on the arm if he says something funny or accidentally bumps into him. Step 17: Pay him a compliment. It will communicate that you're thinking of him if you compliment him.Tell him why you like him, whether it's his eyes, his sense of humor, or his hair. Step 18: Your body language should be positive and open. How you carry yourself can tell him a lot.He won't be as surprised when you kiss, because it will be easier to move in for a kiss.Don't hold your hands together, twiddle your thumbs, or cross your arms.orient your body towards him.If you're standing, keep your toes pointed at him.Point your knees if you're sitting.If you can't keep your balance, put your hands behind your back. Step 19: There is a chance to be alone with him. Privacy is ideal and you don't have to be alone.If you're hanging out with a group, go outside to get some fresh air.If you're hanging out in public, try to find a quiet place.You could sit on a bench in a low-traffic area at the mall.If he'd like to go out for a bit, you could offer to walk home with him or drop by his house to ask.You can always ask him out on a solo date if you really want to make sure you're alone. Step 20: Stand a bit closer to him. If you gradually move closer to him, you will feel more comfortable kissing him.It will alert him to the fact that you want to be intimate, which is always better than being caught off guard.If you're sitting on a couch or in a car, move closer to each other.If you're standing up, you should be able to see if he pulls you close.You can try to hold his hand or lean on his shoulder. Step 21: If you want to initiate a romantic moment, go in for a hug. It works best when you're leaving, but you can try it at any time.Lean in close to him, put your arms around his neck or shoulders, and hold the embrace for a few seconds.You want to create an intimate moment, but don't hug him for too long.

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