A braided horse rein is a must.

Horseback riding involves the use of reins.They allow the rider to give commands to the horse.You don't have to buy reins from a shop.You have the option of choosing your own colors to suit your tastes.If you really want to try another material, Paracord is a great choice due to its strength,Durability, and wide range of colors.

Step 1: If you want your reins to be longer, cut 9 strands of paracord twice the length.

Use the one cord as a guide for cutting the others.Keep in mind that you can use as many colors as you want.Cut 6 strands instead of the thinner set of reins.Paracord can be close to the right length.You don't have to cut them if they are too long.

Step 2: The cords need to be arranged side by side.

If you use more than one color, arrange the cord in a way that works for you.For example: green, black, blue, and purple.

Step 3: You can heat seal the ends with a lighter or heating tool.

If you want to join the groups, first seal the cords in 3 groups.Keep the cords flat as you seal them.Seal the cords in groups of 2 first if you are making a 6-cord braid.A stick lighter works better than a regular lighter.A hot knife is a heating tool.

Step 4: Attach the large binder clip to the ends of the heat-sealed ends.

The binder clip can be hung from a hook or nail.It needs to be a comfortable working height for you.

Step 5: The cords can be divided into three groups.

The first three cords are on the left.There are three cords in the middle.The third group will be made up of the last three cords on the right.If you used six cords, divide them into two groups.

Step 6: Group together.

The 3-cord group is on the left.Go over the middle group.Next, take the 3-cord group on the right and cross it over the middle.Continue braiding until you reach the end of your desired length.Keep the groups flat.Do not turn them.All of the colors should be visible.

Step 7: Burn the ends after cutting them.

Place another binder clip over the cords when you reach the desired length.Cut the cords below the clip.Remove the clip when the cords are cool.

Step 8: The braided rope must be fed through the conway buckle.

The pin is facing up if you turn the buckle.Feed the braid through the other end.Back down through the other end if you loop it over the pin.Don't press the braid into the pin yet.

Step 9: Feed the end through a snap hook.

Feed the braid between the existing braid and the buckle.The end of the braid needs to be caught between the rope and the pin.

Step 10: The braids should be pushed into the pin.

The process should be repeated on the other end of the braid.

Step 11: Attach four strands of paracord to one another.

You want your finished reins to be twice the length of the first two strands.Four times the length is required for the next two strands.

Step 12: Attach the first two strands of paracord together.

Take the ends of the paracords.If you want to have a longer cord, press them together end-to-end.

Step 13: Feed the cord into the slip knot.

Push the jointed end of the paracords through the eye of your snap hook.Feed the tail ends through the loop.

Step 14: The other cords should be moved through the eye of the hook.

Feed the two longer cords through the eye, but don't tie them in a slip knot.The cords should be centered on both sides.There are two strands on the slip knot.

Step 15: The cords have to be separated into groups.

The first two strands are on the left.Your second group will be the next two strands in the middle.Your third group will be the last two strands on the right.

Step 16: The strands must be braided together.

Cross it over the 2-strand group in the middle on the left.Take the last two strands on the right and cross them over the middle strand.Continue braiding the cords until you get the length you want.As you braid them, keep the strands flat.Don't let them twist.

Step 17: Feed the ends through another hook.

Feed the cords through the second snap hook.Take the group on the left and braid it.The process should be repeated with the other groups.If you can, follow the pattern of the braid.For about 4 to 6 inches, do this.

Step 18: Don't cut the ends.

As close to the braid as you can, cut any excess paracord off.Press the ends of the cords against the braid.The easiest way to do this is with a heat tool, such as a hot knife.

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